Geranium Cure for Aids? by Valerie Cheers Brown

The plant extract prevents the virus invading human cells and replicating inside the human body

geranium plant

Could the geranium plant be a cure for the Aids Virus?

  • The root concentrate can treat HIV-1, the most widely recognized type of the infection
  • It contains a compound which keeps the infection recreating in the body
  • It hinders the connection of HIV particles to human cells successfully keeping the infection attacking cell

Geranium plants could hold the way to another era of HIV medicines, research recommends.

Concentrates of the geranium plant Pelargonium sidoides inactivate HIV-1 and keep the infection attacking human cells.

HIV is partitioned into two sorts – HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-1 is in charge of the greater part of cases.

A compound found in geranium plants can be used to treat HIV-1, the most common form of the virus.

Scientists at the German Research Center for Environmental Health, in Munich, say separates from the geranium plants could speak to a potential new class of hostile to HIV-1 drugs for the treatment of AIDS.

They found that root extricates from the plants contain an aggravate that assaults HIV-1 and keeps the infection recreating inside the human body.

They discovered it likewise shields blood and insusceptible cells from contamination by the infection.

It hinders the connection of  HIV particles to human cells and, along these lines, adequately keeps the infection attacking the cells.

A few clinical trials have effectively exhibited that the geranium concentrates are ok for human use and in Germany they are as of now authorized for use as a home grown pharmaceutical.

Research bunch pioneer Professor Ruth Brack-Werner said: ‘[Geranium] concentrates are an extremely encouraging lead for the improvement of the first deductively approved phytomedicine against HIV-1.

‘[The] extricates assault HIV-1 with a method of activity that is unique in relation to all against HIV-1 drugs in clinical use.

‘Hence [they] might be a profitable supplement for set up against HIV treatments.

‘Besides, [the] concentrates are alluring contender for expanding hostile to HIV-1 treatment choices in asset constrained settings, since they are anything but difficult to deliver and don’t require refrigeration.

‘The consequences of our study and the demonstrated security of [the] concentrates energizes their testing in HIV-1 contaminated people as a next step.’

By World Health Organization (WHO), more than 35 million individuals on the planet are contaminated with HIV, the greater part with HIV-1.

Without treatment, HIV wrecks the resistant framework and causes (AIDS), which is an existence undermining sickness.

HIV/AIDS is one of the 10 driving reasons for death around the world.

Wasn’t it the Mayans and all ancient people’s who knew that many cures were to be found among plants?   They used aspirin from a tree, antibiotic treatments from tree bark, etc. it’s only the big pharmaceutical companies that hinder medical research into natures cures.

Same goes for marijuana too which is finally being made legal in many places, but what is very bothersome is if something is actually curing say, seizures and actually healing and ridding the actual seizures why isn’t cannabis legal all over the world?

I have to say that I don’t blame the government, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, etc. but I do blame people for tolerating and continously being mislead that side affected prescribed medications are working?

I don’t get it one bit and what is wrong with people who take many prescribed medications but they only get worse? You can count the people who get better and actually get off of prescribed medications, and I know this for a fact and talking about myself, who was on over 20 different medications at one time or another and may have been even more, some doctors told me I would had to be on for the rest of my life. If I had listened to these doctors, I might not be here right now to talk about this

I am prescribed medication free and will never take any prescription medications again as long as I have breath in my body, which they all have side affects and many have contradictions which are very dangerous when taken with many foods, what we drink,i.e. grapefruit is very dangerous with many prescribed medications and other OTC and many other prescribed medications!

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