Proof Is In The Testimony by Valerie Cheers Brown


Why do we believe testimony in man’s court of law, but not God’s testimonies?

Don’t testimony help those who have been convicted in a court of law?

Doesn’t testimony from a credible witness help an accused person in some court cases depending on the circumstances?

Well, why don’t we share God’s testimonies of how He heals and why don’t we believe His testimonies?

Could family stories or testimonies be proof to give others hope?

True stories are God stories which we can share with others and we don’t have to wait for any statistics are studies to be done, but we can share and care our stories to give hope to others.

Sometimes, we just need to hear others stories and believe it or not, when we share our stories they even help us!

Thank God for social media and there are so many testimonies which we can type into the search engines to find out for ourselves before we do anything in life now.

I have found so many real God testimonies and many stories of hope this gives you hope and encouragement to share with others.

If you are going through anything in life like a surgery the doctor says you need, a medication a doctor prescribes to you, etc. anything you are not sure of before doing, just ask the question and join blog groups which may have already gone through what you may be considering or not considering.

I will tell you this much many of these prescribed medications if you start them and stop them abruptly can cause additional health problems.  The whole purpose of taking medication is to help us to feel better, but pay attention and if they don’t work after the second time you take them, STOP before they get into your system!

I am not a physician, but I am human being with great common sense, who has once trusted prescribed medication, who no longer does and don’t care who reads this and says I am crazy. I am  happy I am crazy and not normal too and so glad I am not like the others who follow flesh belief and prescribed medication is manmade.

The Stories of Our Lives Are Christian Testimones

Christian affirmations are the stories enlightened by devotees regarding what God has done and is doing in their lives. Today, we regularly think about “testimonial,” in which individuals offer their own encounters with an item. For this situation, the experience being portrayed is with a man the individual of God in Jesus Christ.

What Do You Think Testimonies Are In a Court of Law and How Do They Help Others?

Affirmations are words conveyed in a court of law, more often than not by a witness to an occasion. On account of the Christian confirmation, we have as our first bit of proof the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These four men were onlookers to the life and work of Jesus Christ. Notice that each of these men incorporate points of interest not precisely coordinated by the others. That is on account of each of them saw Jesus Christ from a marginally diverse edge the edge known as viewpoint. Since each of us is made by God as an one of a kind individual, each of us will have an unmistakable viewpoint on the occasions of our lives and the general population we experience in them.

Think about for as a minute an auto collision, saw by four individuals remaining on various corners. Each of these onlookers will have seen the same occasion, however from a marginally diverse edge. Thusly, each of them will be coming clean when they affirm, however every one’s story will be unmistakable from the others.

Why Do Christian Testimonies Help?

Christian confirmations can be seen with wariness by cynics. Unfortunately, that is regularly all things considered. Christians are individuals, and individuals are not great. Very frequently, individuals say they are Christians when they are most certainly not. Confirmations from these individuals regularly ring empty or are demonstrated false after some time. But since they are “out there” for all to see, they can make it harder for the certified confirmation to discover acknowledgment.

Why do Christian stories and affirmation matter? Your involvement with God as a devotee is precisely that-your involvement with God! Unquestionably your life has been improved by the exhortation or genuine biography of someone else. We are remarkable, yet we have the basic obligation of being made by the same God. Consequently, regardless of the fact that we’ve stuffed distinctive projects in along the way, we all have essentially the same working framework! We are all bodies made by God.

My involvement with God happens inside of my lifetime. It happens just once, to me. God has put me here, in this spot and time, with a specific end goal to inform others concerning what He has done and is doing in my life. As a Christian, do you truly get a handle on this? Whatever you’re experiencing, whether it’s upbeat or excruciating, is permitted into your life by an adoring God, whose objective for you is to end up like His Son, Jesus Christ.

Since God needs to change you, He permitted your life to take after the way it did before you turned into an adherent to request that you would perceive His work sooner or later along the way. Presently, seeing it, you are dependable to tell others what He has done. That is your Christian confirmation! Perhaps you’ve been a Christian for 60 minutes, a day, or for a considerable length of time. What is He doing in your life now? That is your Christian confirmation. You are an onlooker to the works of Jesus Christ in your life.

What Does The Bible Say About Christian Testimonies

What does the Bible say in regards to our Christian confirmations? Without further ado before Christ conveyed His Great Commission to His adherents (Matthew 28:19-20), Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, imploring that the measure of affliction may be taken from Him. Normally, He fancied that there may be another path for us to be protected from the punishment of sin. In any case, powerfully, in light of the fact that He was both God and man, His will was prepared to be totally submitted to that of the Father.

While He arrived, we read that Peter strikingly broadcasted he would never leave or double-cross his expert! How Jesus more likely than not adored Peter, for He knew ahead of time what Peter would do, and that he would, in fact, sell out Jesus. Notice in Matthew 26; when Peter was blamed for being an adherent of Christ, the first thing he did was to deny it.

Where is your heart today? Is it accurate to say that you are an adherent to Christ? Is it accurate to say that you are an adherent of Christ? Have you been reluctant to let it be known in light of the fact that you may be seen as “odd” by your companions or crew? Be cautious that you don’t lament that removing, as Peter did just minutes after the fact.

Has Christ done a work in your life? At that point tell somebody! It might be just precisely what they have to listen, to give them confidence that God can work in their life, as well! He needn’t bother with our assistance coming to individuals. On the other hand, He desires it-and that is the best Christian confirmation of all. God needs you and me to band together with Him in the work He is doing! Won’t you tell somebody today? Let your life be your Christian confirmation.

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