Always Be A Rainbow In Someone Else’s Cloud by Valerie Cheers Brown

be a

This very special poem by Dr. Angelou makes me remember always that it is very important that we never forget those who have been there for us and inspire us whether they are here, there or even those who have gone!

I know how and what Dr. Angelou meant and know that feeling of how God puts these wonderful and totally amazingly incredible people, angels (whom we don’t even know), into our lives for His great reasons and this is when having mentors, keeping kind individuals who encourage us in our lives is crucial.

Most important of all is that we keep people in our lives who want better too,who want to see us keep going and forward toward our dreams and motivate us.

Even more importantly, the need to feed and thrive on inspiring words such as hers and other positive role models helps to remain focused.

I hope these great words inspire you as her words always will be instilled into my heart of love and how I always to treat others.

When it would seem that the sun wasn’t going to sparkle any longer, God put a rainbow in the clouds.

Dr. Angelou wondered. “I’ve had such a large number of rainbows in her clouds. I had a great deal of clouds, yet I had such a large number of rainbows.”

The most beautiful thing was when Dr. Angelou said she always carried these “rainbows” with her to her speaking and teaching engagements, whether in a large venue or intimate classroom. “I bring everyone who has ever been kind to me with me,” she said. “Black, white, Asian, Spanish-speaking, Native American, gay, straight, everybody. I said, ‘Come on with me. I’m going on the stage. Come with me. I need you now.'”

Whether her “rainbows” were living or had since a long time ago passed, Dr. Angelou said she always felt strength from their support. “I don’t ever feel that I don’t have any help.” “I had rainbows in my clouds.”

“The thing to do, it appears to me, is to set yourself up so you can be a rainbow in another person’s cloud. Some person who may not seem as though you are. May not call God the same name you call God – on the off chance that they call God by any means,” she laughed. “I may not move your moves or talk your dialect. Be that as it may, be a gift to some individual.   That is the thing that I think.”

She likewise urged individuals to apply the “rainbow in the clouds” theory to their own lives.



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