Where Is The Love by Valerie Cheers Brown

where is the love

Do you realize how many children may qualify for disablity in this country and me for one as a child and as an adult could never hold a job due to disablities? I was born with degenerative disease and what stopped me from getting any disablity was because they say I worked too much and then as a child, thank God my parents let me stay active with sports and gymnastics which I truly do believe helped me along with my mom cooking healthy home cooked meals!

Well, no kidding and how else are we to pay bills? I think what we need to be doing is more research, genome research to keep babies from being born with mental illness passed down from DNA or genes. I know it is much more complex than said, but we need to begin somwhere and studies after studies are not working?

We as human beings need to make sure that we are compatible in this country like in Japan, before even considering mating and making babies. The things we need to know we must find out, thank God is from insightful stories which are appearing throughout social media.

It is a damn shame how America treats its people and the saddest part is the wealthiest organization in this country is the Pharmaceutical Industry, which is killing people and are a big part of creating mental health issues too with too many anti-depressants. Many today in the 21st century including the mother, the father and the kids are on anti-depressants? Why is this? How do we treat depression when a mother is pregnant? Doesn’t this medication affect the unborn baby? Does some of the diseases baby are being born with come from what mother is putting into her body, i.e. anti-depressants, antibiotics, ets?

According to Dr. Mercola, “Mental Illness Is Not the Result of Chemical Imbalance.”

Take a listen and lets see what this video says:

I know this for a fact and lots of prescribed medications are the villain and have lots of contradicitions with different foods and other medicines. When are we going to address the real issue in this country and stop blaming disablities?

Many disabilities are given at birth and are passed down, but now from personal experience prescribed anti-depressants when stopped abruptly are adding to those problems when taken and I know for a fact are a big part of creating mental health issues!

I don’t know what to say, but I do thank God for giving me the common sense to get myself off of any prescribed medications and now I am myself thanks to God’s love for me and for allowing to help myself and now write about what I feel is an unjust cause of really caring about healing in this country and human life.

We first need to make sure each citizen of this country has health insurance and secondly, we need to begin helping people get better with nutrition and not more medications, which are causing all kinds of problems like mental illness, recidivism, rape, killing using guns, getting smart with the law, i.e. police, causing people to not be able to function by being doped up all of the time and this is what many prescribed medications are doing.

Why do we really have crime? Don’t we need to start with the truth factor which may be the real culprit for our problems in this country and this is prescribed medications?

Why is the FDA considered legitimate to approve medication which has many side affects? Wouldn’t if we created something which had side affect or did not do what it was made to do be illegal? What makes society better to keep on making things legal which are not helping lives?  Why is medicinal cannabis which there is not only proof and truth that it heals and cures still considered illegal in many states in this country? Where are we going wrong as a people in this country and allowing this unjust cause to remain legal of self medicating with legal prescribed medications?

We wonder why people are becoming addicts, well the Pharmaceutical Industry is the pusher and it is pretty sad. We need to say no to prescribed medications, doctors need to go back to school to learn most importantly DO NOT HARM, learn about the real healer which is our nutrition for our bodies and people need to take their own lives into their own hands and research, help themselves, have faith, believe in God’s healing’s food, and then help others giving our country HOPE for longer and happier living!

We can’t disassemble prejudice without speaking the truth about the impacts of supported injury on our psychological well-being. Every single Live Matters, particularly those of us who are considered as rationally unwell.


Why Racial Justice Needs to Include Mental Health


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