Music of the Body by Valerie Cheers Brown

“My music will tell you more about me than I ever will.” ~ Valerie Cheers Brown


I would like to say first before you read what I have blogged here, that I am not professing to be a water specialist, nor a doctor, not a scientist, none of the above; but I do have common sense and am using myself as a study to improve my own well-being.

Our bodies all react to different things very differently, but I do know one thing and is that our bodies alert us when something is not right.

Say for example, why do our stomachs growl?

I use to think it was only because we were hungry, but take a look at what Dr. Mercola says and am finding most of this to be true that it can come from many things.

Ever wondered why a baby cries?

Some would say, “because they are hungry, or they could be wet, etc.”

But, did you ever think it may be something which is hurting them like their tummy may have gas, their head may hurt, their foot could be hurting because of the shoes you put on their feet, etc.

It could be many different reasons why and since they cannot speak, we have to pamper them and massage their little backs to ease up whatever it may be but a real mother will find out what it is going on with their baby before taking to any doctor.

The baby cannot speak, so why should the doctor know what is actually going on without perhaps making the baby even more scared and sicker?

Read what Dr. Mercola says about stomach growling.  Feel free to make comments.

We must use our minds

All I am saying is what may work for one person may not work for another, and we have to not be afraid of change and be able to step out on faith and believe in God’s letting you know what is going on and giving it to him instead of a flesh doctor who will only pull out that magic pad and write a prescribed medication.

Instead of allowing doctors to use us as guinea pigs trying out their side affected prescribed medications on us, wouldn’t you be willing to try God’s healing natural methods and be healed with out side affects causing other problems?

Clean, pure water is a foundation of good well-being. Your body is for the most part water, so the continuous admission of water is key to your each capacity.

I found out something about why our stomachs growl and please don’t quote me:

Generally speaking stomach growling, or as the Greeks named it and Doctors call it today “borborygmi” (which is an onomatopoeia), is the noise created during rhythmic muscle contractions in your stomach and intestines.

Your digestive system is one big long tube that goes from your mouth to your butt, with a lot of interesting biological machinery in-between.

How the body gets food through this long tube is accomplished via waves of muscle contractions, called “peristalsis”, that run a few inches at a time all down your digestive track. These waves of muscle contractions also serve to mix and churn foods, liquids, and digestive juices together. The resulting cocktail is called “chyme”….

These waves of contractions are really not too dissimilar to how your heart beat works, creating fluctuation of electrical potential in the smooth muscle cells, which causes the muscle to contract in a rhythmic fashion- in this case, called the “Basic Electrical Rhythm” or BER.

This rhythm is about 3 times per minute in the stomach, and 12 times per minute in the small intestines. The sound you are hearing when your stomach and intestines make noise are the result of these muscular contractions mixing and moving the chyme along, as well as pushing any resultant air through your system.

So why does your stomach seem to growl more when you are hungry? When your stomach and intestines are empty, it triggers a reflexive generation of waves along your stomach and intestine muscles that trigger contractions, even though there isn’t really much of anything in your stomach that needs moved along.

These are meant to clear out all of your stomach contents, including the mucus, any remaining food, bacteria, etc. It’s your body’s way of doing a little house cleaning, making sure no food or other matter is accumulating anywhere along your stomach or intestines. It’s typically this that you are hearing when you’re hungry.

You might be asking yourself, “Well if my stomach is doing these contractions even when I’m full, moving food along, why don’t I hear them all the time?”

To answer that, think of the stomach as hot water bottle. When it is full and you slosh the contents around, there is little to no noise, depending on just how full it is. The less you have in it, the more noise the sloshing makes.

This is pretty much exactly what is going on with the stomach only the muscles lining the walls of your stomach and intestines are doing the sloshing as they push the contents of your stomach and intestines towards your derriere.

So how does one avoid stomach growling when, say, you are in a quiet classroom taking a test in school or a quiet open office space?

The best tip of course is to eat something. But to do this relatively continually without over eating, one needs to eat a series of small meals throughout the day instead of a few large ones.  This is also in fact better for you anyways. So probably the best way to go.

I’ve found just pushing on the stomach area with your hand, tends to not work as well. Something small and thin like your finger or a pencil, seems to work better; probably to do with focusing on a small surface area and specifically on your actual stomach instead of just pushing your upper belly with your hand which also pushes some of your
other organs, so less effective.

The second trick is, when you feel a stomach growl coming on about 10 or 15 seconds before, take a really deep breath; as deep as you can.  Then hold your breath until you feel the growl sensation pass.

This effectively does the same thing as the previous method, but from the inside with your lungs expanded pushing down on your stomach and compressing it so that it can’t slosh things about.

The “pencil method” works better, but this is a pretty reliable backup and is hands free.

If anybody else has any good tips they’ve figured out on stopping stomach growling in potentially embarrassing situations when you can’t get food or if anybody’s used my above two methods in the past.

Is any water really good?

It’s regular information that most water sources are presently contaminated, however there is gigantic perplexity about what sort of drinking water is the most wellbeing advancing, and what sort of home water treatment delivers the best drinking water.

Today, an excess of individuals are picking pop rather than unadulterated water as their essential drink, and the soundness of a whole culture is at danger.

The most obvious wellspring of calories in the U.S. originates from high fructose corn syrup fundamentally as pop. Americans drink a normal of one gallon of pop every week, and this over the top fructose utilization is a main impetus behind heftiness and endless degenerative malady in this nation.

The most down to earth and efficient system to battle weight and perpetual sickness is to supplant all soft drinks and other sweet refreshments with immaculate water.

The inconvenience is, most open water supplies are stacked with dangerous contaminants, for example, purification repercussions (DBPs), fluoride, and pharmaceutical medications, to give some examples. All things considered, you DO need to settle on water your drink of decision on the off chance that you need to be solid – yet it ought to be purged water.

Be that as it may, past water filtration, there’s likewise the issue of pH – antacid versus acidic water. There are a significant number shocking wellbeing cases being made about basic water, yet would they say they are valid? A large portion of them are what is most important is for our body’s not become dehydrated and it has to something replace what we have not given it.

The hypothesis behind basic water is, basically, that basic (ionized) water is an intense cell reinforcement with surplus electrons that can “clean up” the risky free radicals you have coursing through your veins. Advertisers claim antacid water can adjust abundance corrosiveness in your tissues, which can then anticipate or turn around growth, joint pain, and other degenerative diseases.

Like anything in life, we must not over indulge and something I have not heard spoken about too much is that we can have too high a pH balance.  I recently was told my pH balance was high, so will find out if is balanced next doctor visit.

Questions which make you think

*Are you aware that acid water is a major secret killer apart from accident?

*Are you aware that acid water means kill me small small, or kill me gradually?

*Are you aware that the root cause of sickness is acid water or dehydration?

*Are you aware that people don’t respond to medical treatment because of body acidosis?

*Are you aware that over 90% water in the market is acidic?

*Are you aware that you need to consume minimum of 2-3litres of pH 7-8 Alkaline water per day?

*You have the responsibility to know the quality of the water you drink, buy a pH tester from the office.

Please read Laila Ali’s blog: “How To Make Purified Alkaline Water At Home.”

Apart from water being odorless, colorless and tasteless, the pH must be minimum 7 before you call it neutral or good drinking water.

*Alkaline water which is medicinal has to be above pH of 7.



Schnuck’s sells 8.8 pH purified water enhanced with Himalayan Minerals & electrolytes for taste.  For more information join us online to find out more about Alkaline8.8 Water Quality & information @ alkaline88.c0m or 1.866.242.0240.

I cannot thanks Schnuck’s enough in the Midwest, for stacking their shelves with this water for people who may not be able to purchase the machines to hook to your home faucets, but until you can Schnuck’s has it waiting to improve our well-being.


One thought on “Music of the Body by Valerie Cheers Brown

  1. Valerie Brown Cheers

    I will tell you this much once you start the allkaline water and then go back to tap water, your whole entire body let’s you know instantly it is bad for us. I know for a fact and am using myself as a guinea pig! Tap water should be illegal!


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