Get & Give by Valerie Cheers Brown


R.I.P. Richard! I had the great pleasure of working for this great but some would call difficult man, and RJ Miller was no joke and when it came to advertisement, he used not a dime of his money, but instead we bartered and they got what they wanted which was advertisement and we got everything an employee could ever want for from cars, music, clothes, food, movie passes, videos, albums, etc. Nope, he did not believe in using his own money and his dad David Miller of New York was even richer. I loved and learned lots from this great man on how to keep your money by giving and getting and don’t even have to use your money!

I think we were the first radio station KADI 96 AM/FM which had high listening ratings due to us giving stuff away all of the time and I DO MEAN ALL OF THE TIME, and the radio disc jockeys were all amazing from Bernie Hayes, Jim Gates, Juan Johnson to Gary Record Brown to Jackie McCoy, Jodie Owens, Ed Goodman and the list goes on and on!

When it came to the contests give aways, I loved seeing people’s faces beam from winning and I had the honor of being the one who gave to them when they came in to pick up. Call me crazy, but giving away is a beautiful feeling and for some strange reason, God has always put me in places where I was required to use what He gave to me and that is making others smile while they perked my day up as well and I just love giving away love!

When it came to music, RJ Miller knew about those oldies and I have met some of the greatest legends/artists/musicians and attended lifetime concerts with people like Neil Sedaka, Neil Diamond, etc. We also were the first radio station which the owner actually owned his own tower, we simulcasted with the NBC Source Network and I learned so much from my friend and work partner RJ Miller. While I was there I figured why not try out for the best of the best network or radio station in the world which was CBS and I got hired by Mr. Robert Hyland CBS/KMOX AM/FM Radio Station, Lloyd Hines at CBS/KMOX TV editing news. I will never forget how I got the job at CBS/KMOX Radio when Mr. Hyland interviewed me and he said “Young lady, if you worked RJ Miller, you got the job.” And…the rest was history!

I have worked for the greatest of the greatest but I learned to crawl before I walked and sometimes the jobs I got, I don’t even know how I got them, but I can say this, “If you don’t try, you will never know if you can!”

Oh, by the way President Truman was RJ Miller owner of KADI/96 AM/FM and President of Truman Banks, favorite President and guess that is why instead of retiring he refired and CEO’d the Truman Banks in Saint Louis, MO.

Sorry for the loss and R.I.P. Richard, and will always cherish my learning experiences of great lessons learned from great legends!


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