He is Jealous for You? by Valerie Cheers Brown

he is

God is a jealous God who demands total loyalty from His people who love Him. God directs the life and path of His believers in the Bible and commandments. So God wants the full attention of all those who choose to follow Him. God does not want to share His Glory or Worship by Christian believers with any other gods.

We all know how dangerous floods can be to a town, city, etc. don’t we?

God is the Source of all life, nature, the Almighty God is Creator of universe so is Lord and Master Above All. The Sovereign God He wants to be given His due Honour and Respect. The Christian believers serve only the One True Living God so cannot share God with any idol. God insists on total devotion dedication those who love Him.⋅

Are floods benefical and/or why and/or how could this be even possible?

Why did God send the flood and what does the Bible say about the flood?

The Bible says that the season of Noah was a shrewd time. God saw the malicious considerations of man’s heart were guiding him far from God. The times were evil to the point that God said He would devastate man from the earth. In any case, then God considered Noah. Since Noah cherished God and looked to obey Him, God realized that Noah could be utilized to lecture apology to the general population and to manufacture an ark (an expansive boat) to spare the individuals who might trust God. In Genesis 6:8 the Bible says that Noah discovered elegance in seeing God.

Have you noticed that ever since prayer was taken out our schools, we have seen such differences around the world with things like excessivly young deaths (more than ever before) from peculiar diseases, bad water in many places hurting God’s people, police brutality, people killing people, and/or even flooding excessively in many places?

The list goes on and on and why is this?

What is really shocking and God is a powerful God and people still are not paying nor taking God seriously at what He can do for all us to become closer to Him.

It is pretty horrendous what is occuring right now in our own country in the city of Flint, Michigan, and if God is not showing us about what water means to Him and for our health AND for all of His creations, (my name is not Valerie Cheers Brown) and if He is not showing US how we must be one nation, with one love for each other as He loves us (all people must be blind or something).

“Society only mentions God on the dollar bill “In God We Trust” and what a joke that is, which really is a lie and when we want our insurance companies to pay for what they call an “Act of God,” and then they want to mention His name. To me, this is really an insult to God and we honor Him only then when money is amongst the mix and want to be paid, even in the churches?”

Isn’t it very peculiar it is necessary and only necessary that when it is an Act of God, then we as a society of people care about to even mention God’s name and is the only way for our insurance coverage, which we pay dearly for to get paid and help us?

Is this not ironic or what?

If you would like to visit your Bible and read a bit more, please go to where it speaks about Noah’s family in Genesis 6:9-13, Instructions for the Ark in Genesis 6:14-7:16, The actual flood in Genesis 7:7-24, After the flood in Genesis 8, Or for even more excitement read what it says about the rainbow at Genesis 9:8-17.

Finally, it is anything but difficult to see the correlation with Jesus Christ as the Redeemer. In Noah’s day individuals were called to turn from their wrongdoings and come back to God. When they declined to enter the ark (an indication of believing God’s Word), they were decimated in the surge. Today, we are called to apologize of our transgressions and acknowledge Christ as our Savior. The individuals who have not acknowledged the Lord will be lost to a Christ-less time everlasting.?

Is God Mad At Us?

Mankind or humanity’s degeneracy had achieved a level that evil completely saturated all aspects of his being. His wickedness was extraordinary that is, his activities were underhanded. Each creative ability was insidious – his mind was completely corrupted. Each thought of his heart – his emotions, his goals, his feelings, his interests, had all turned out to be so sin recolored that there remained nothing inside of them that was not evil. These individuals upon whom God poured out the Flood were not only covered with sin here and there, everything that they were doing was an awful cursed abomination!

For fear that we have any questionsor even doubts, let me say that the Earth was debased or corrupted and loaded with violence! There is a linguistic device utilized in Hebrew that we see all through the Old Testament, and that is accentuation through redundancy. At whatever point a word or stated is utilized drearily, it demonstrates a more grounded or more noteworthy level of the expression. The malicious or evil profundities that the general population who lived before the Flood had sunk to is emphatically enhanced in verses 5, and 11-13.

In considering why God sent the Flood, we should first understand that those living upon the Earth were totally and completely evil past the trust of evolving or changing. There were no blameless onlookers made up for lost time in the Flood; everybody was blameworthy of the most despicable evil. The defiance to God that we saw flourishing in Cain and his relatives had now achieved a realization that God couldn’t neglect nor most importantly overlook.

It basically states that “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh hadcorrupted his way upon the earth. And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.” (Genesis 6:11-13, emphasis added).

“And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” (Genesis 6:5)

Could Floods Be Beneficial?

We know the damage they can cause us, but can floods actually be beneficial in any way for the world?

Reviving water sources: Floods are common hydrologic forms and give variable river streams or flows and are a discontinuous wellspring of freshwater supply, filling regular discouragements and energizing groundwater. Immersion of the surge fields energizes the groundwater, which is an imperative wellspring of drinking water and is fundamental for horticulture. They are an essential hotspot for restocking nearby man-made water sources, for example, lakes, stores, dams and watering system channels, taking care of round-the-year demand.

Agriculture: Floodwaters convey supplements and residue, which are kept on surge fields, enhancing the dirt.. Rice paddies are overflowed purposely to exploit this normal preparation process.

Fishery: A stream bowl is a biological unit interconnecting upstream bringing forth natural surroundings with downstream raising territories for an assortment of animal types and other sea-going frameworks. Occasional living spaces on the surge plain, made by variable stream administrations, are fundamental for different phases of the life cycle of species. Surges give a biological trigger to both the bringing forth and movement of specific species. A few animal categories bring forth on the surge plain itself, while others relocate upstream to produce in the stream channel, giving an inexhaustible supply of fish and option salary sources at the family unit level.8

Revival of the stream biological community: The waterway environment is a basic living space for the biota: fish, untamed life and waterfowl. Occasional variability and variable silt and stream administrations keep up biological biodiversity in waterways and surge fields. Wetlands or marshes situated in surge fields serve as characteristic cradle zones for unnecessary surge streams and play host to numerous winged creatures, fish and plants. Supplementary occupations as recreational and eco-tourism exercises can be made conceivable by the vicinity of the rich stream environment, gave with plenteous greenery.


One last puzzling question?

How did the people of Egypt deal with the flooding Nile River?

They tried to control the floodings of the Nile by building an irrigation system: canals, gates. They became aware of the fact that the silt left by the river made the soil fertile and they could get a big harvest.
I am not a very religious person, but I am faithful and very spiritual and pay attention to God’s word and His amazing grace and works!
You may ask, “Why is she asking all of these questions?
Don’t you think we had better pay closer attention in this world how, what and the way we are handling our lives and this planet and most of all how we treat all of God’s children, His creations, i.e. animals, bees, water, trees, rivers, oceans, seas, etc.
Do His actions NOT speak for themselves?
Well, are not seeing a pattern here which appears in the book of Genesis and are we not seeing some familarity happening right now in this world going on all around us today?

For more data about the stream biological community, please allude to  “Environmental Aspects of Integrated Flood management“, Section2.3.




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