Nature’s Medicine Cabinet by Valerie Cheers Brown


Rough gemstones are in their natural unworked state as they were broken or mined from the living rock. Left in their natural condition the surface is irregular and rough and thus contains the greatest amount of healing power. They can be placed gently on the body to transmit and focus healing energies.

Gemstones are in some cases alluded to as “Nature’s Medicine Cabinet” since they are helpful for such a variety of recuperating applications. Here are the most generally utilized gemstones and their otherworldly perspectives, mending properties, and profound significance.

Energy Muse Jewelry is intended to adjust the body utilizing the mending properties of gemstones and gems. For a huge number of years, old human advancements have used the force of precious stones to discharge mental, physical and otherworldly blockages, therefore encouraging the free stream of all through the body. On a cell level, our bodies and quartz precious stone are both comprised of mineral silicon-dioxide. On account of this, we are normally responsive to the vibrations of precious stones as they transmit, reflect, store light and get vitality.

At the point when gems are set straightforwardly on your body, they have an intense vibratory impact that surges from the gem to you. By law of material science, considerations direct vitality and vitality takes after thought. Each of our precious stone vitality pieces serve as an apparatus to offer the contemplations of our awareness some assistance with connecting with our body.

There are so many ways to cure and heal and just by not being afraid of change and stepping out on ‘Faith’ and trying things can make us better health wise!

How to Use Gemstones for Healing

How to Choose a Gemstone

Begin in a quiet perspective. Look at the pictures are actual images of the stones and feel your fiery connection to them. Search for one that “calls” to you, and affirm your instinct by reading the description.

What to Do With Your Gemstone

  1. Wear it as a necklace or other jewelry, or carry it in you pocket. Good for everyday, ongoing support.
  2. Place it in your enviornment. Good for changing the mood in the room, or supporting specific activities, like focusing at work.
  3. Meditate while holding it. Good for receiving deep insight, guidance, and healing.


 Book of StonesIf you would like to learn the meaning of different stones and take a look at them:


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