Healing a Idiopathic World by Valerie Cheers Brown


According to MedicineNet.com idiopathic means:

Of unknown cause. Any disease that is of uncertain or unknown origin may be termed idiopathic. For example, acute idiopathic polyneuritis,diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis,idiopathic scoliosis, etc.

From the New Latin idiopathia (primary disease), from the Greek idiopatheia, from idio-, from idios (one’s own, personal) + -patheia, -pathic (feeling, suffering).

I  would like to discuss this topic, because I truly do believe that we really live in a world where people are afraid of change and follow the norm and all of our body’s were made beautifully different, so that we can all learn from each others differences, therefore, what may be good for one may not be good for another.

Food as The Cure

Food can be the cure for healing diseases and mainly for healing our bodies first and foremost.  I have found that it does not take a scientist, dietician, food specialist, etc. to let us know this.  I do however, believe that doctors should be more educated and encouraging people how important our nutrition and how important it is how we heal and can actually cure ourselves.   I have found that our bodies are the ones that lets us know things most of the time immediately and it is up to us to take care of them, not doctors nor prescribed medications!

There are foods which cure certain diseases and illnesses. It is a known fact that what is good for one person’s body may not be good for another’s.

What if I told you that there was a cure joint pain, would you be willing to try? Most people are afraid of change and end up listening to the doctor or depend on prescribed medications or even OTC medications.

In any case, it’s valid.  What’s more, the story goes like this.

Food is the solution to all of our healing diseases and many illnesses. Think about it, terrible food is awful medication and will make us get sick and does very bad things to our bodies and when the body does not perform the way you normally have been used to, nine times out of ten, it is the foods which we are putting into them.

Now remember, I am not a doctor nor scientist, but I am speaking from plain old common sense, something we need to take advantage of more often when it comes to our health and mainly our body.

Great nourishment is great medication that can counteract, turn around, and even cure sickness. Take away the terrible food or nourishment, put in the great nourishment and miracles happen.

The problem with current medical thinking is that it treats diseases individually, requiring specific diagnoses and labels: “you have migraines,” “you have depression,” “you have psoriasis.” And then you get the migraine pill, the antidepressant, and the immune suppressant.

According to a story by Dr. Mark Hayman MD, he said, “He saw a patient treated at Harvard by multiple specialists. She was on 42 pills a day for serious hypersensitivities, asthma, and hives. She even died twice and had to be revived after anaphylactic shock. In only a couple short weeks, basically by transforming her eating routine, she got off every one of her prescriptions drugs or medications, and her sensitivities, hives, and asthma were no more.”

In other words, by eating right and drinking the right water can help us to get ourselves off of medications.

He even said, “Another patient, who suffered for decades with reflux and irritable bowel and whose symptoms weren’t controlled with acid blockers and “gut relaxers,” got complete relief from his symptoms one week after changing their eating habits or diet.

Scenario: Imagine if you could simply treat the entire individual with food or nutrition habits of changes, upgrading the data given each day to your body through food. Food is data conveying point by point directions for each quality and each cell in your body, helping them to restore, repair, and recuperate or to be hurt and incapacitated, contingent upon what you eat. Consider the possibility that you could send messages and directions to mend your cells and turn on recuperating qualities. What’s more, imagine a scenario where, by some basic changes in your eating regimen, you could dispose of a large portion of your chronic symptoms and diseases in only one week or possibly two?

That is altogether conceivable and I know for a fact it works. A few individuals call it detox, some individuals call it an end diet. It could be called in laymen term the inclusion and plenitude diet. It could also be called common sense or very simple by changing the foods we put into our bodies so we can get off of the prescribed medications, etc.

Doctors give us prescribed medications, but it is up to us to follow up with our own bodies so we can get off of them and if you don’t like the way they make you feel shouldn’t maybe try something different like eating proper foods. How do we expect to get well if we keep taking prescribed medication and not following directions?

Food is the cure not those medications and this is when the side affects happen and I must say you must know the contradictions and how to take those prescribed medications correctly by following the prescription bottle directions.

Many professionals would say who are trying to sell you something in another form of a manmade product would argue to differ that we also must trust and have faith in God’s healing.

I will probably get professionals to differ with my opinions here, but again only my opinions from experience and what has worked for me to get better and completely off of prescribed medications.

We must believe in God’s healing powers and have faith and the willpower to want to heal. I have found out that the only way to heal is through what we put into our bodies and it isn’t prescribed medications. It is the only way we will ever heal and stop blaming everybody else for our lack of knowledge for the learning of our own bodies functions.

Each one of us has different DNA and/or genomes and no two persons are alike, therefore, no prescribed medication could possibly cure anything which we suffer from and only food or changing what we put into our body can do this.

This not only goes for food, but this goes for the right water too and we need water which has Alkaline in it. Our bodies let us know immediately when something is bad for us and this is called stomach cramps or some may call it bad but using the bathroom is a very good thing.

My grandmother’s conversation uses to be, “Child I feel so good now and had a good one!” We use to think that was a gross conversation, but the older I get, I now know why that lady lived to be in her nineties and when she died, she died of natural causes and went to sleep and just was tired.  She also let us know that she was tired too and that next day, my niece found her in the bed with one leg in the bed and the other out of like she was trying to get up and her mouth was open, like maybe she was calling out.

Just remember all of our bodies are different and it depends on what we put into our bodies and what works for some may not work for us and our body’s makeup will let us know right away if we ate something that our body’s don’t like.

Again, I am not a doctor and am just sharing plain ole fashion logic from using my own body as a study and am work in progress but our bodies let us know that we the doctors who know what we last ate and they will let you know right away when it does not like it.

What may be garbage food for some may be what your body likes, but when it does not like what we put into our bodies, they will let you know and you want to try and address it before it becomes an actual disease. While it is an illness is when we must do our homework and not be afraid of change and make ourselves feel better.

If you are relying on man’s medication to take care of you, we will continue to be a sick, dying society. So out with the bad food and in with the good nourishing foods and you have try things and do much research and find cases which cured themselves and how they did it.

Food is the cure, not prescribed medication!

“Don’t ever let anybody tell you because let’s say for example your blood pressure goes up that is a sign that we are getting older!  Along with getting older we should be getting and gaining wisdom and become wiser and setting examples for our children coming in behind us.  We are suppose to get older, but better and not sicker. I don’t know where or why many believe that getting older means you get sicker and is a sign of aging. Not true, and I am a living witness that it is not and the oldest of four other siblings who some of my siblings may have high blood pressure, but when mine is high I ask the doctor, “Can I change my way of eating and when I come back I will have gotten it back to where it is suppose to be.  When I get my blood pressure checked which is quite frequently, I do something to change it by the way I exercise and how I eat and whether I drink enough good water or not.  I am not relying on blood pressure prescribed medications to help me live and improve my pressure. God gave me a brain and I try and utilize it quite often especially when it comes to my life and I still got lots to do, people and places to see and get married to my friend and life partner!

“Getting older is a God blessing and it means you are now free to do those things which you wanted to do, but was busy raising your family or even taking care of others, etc.!  In other words you have raised your children, been the caretaker for your parents, there for a sick family member, etc. and now is your time and you have no restrictions and why would you think getting older means now is the time to get sick?   If you believe this, you are for real crazy!”  lol

Whomever believes this needs their head examined before you are shipped off to the funny farm for making a statement such as this.  😉

I don’t know about you, but I am not living in this idiopathic made up world that many entrap themselves into believing is the way a senior is supposed to live! The skies are the limit baby, and I am ready to be in the skies a lot travelling the world and meeting new friends, seeing new things and learning about others cultures.

Love, peace & blessings and happy eating healthy for a longer fun  and happy life of living!


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