Solid As a Rock by Valerie Cheers Brown

solid as.png

Let’s see, is a strong woman a powerful woman?

How do we know?

Because I am one and I definitely consider my self very strong and even more solid!

What’s the first thing we think of a person being strong?

What about a woman being strong?

Do you think a strong woman is solid?

Let’s take a look at a solid lady and we will use the word solid instead of strong, and I like the way it sounds much better than a strong woman because being strong is just what it says, being strong which is in no way shape or fashion easy at all and can be very detrimental and very misunderstood unless you are of a particular type woman as a solid lady.

A solid lady works out each day pursuing her passion as she dibbles and dabbles at other things putting her passion first, which is truly to love.  When she loves, she loves hard and very tolerant able to withstand more than the norm although she is still a solid lady.  Pride in her appearance she depicts, however, a lady of quality stoops to implore, her spirit fit as a fiddle, God driving the way.

A solid lady claims she isn’t anxious about anything.  Anticipating challenges every day will bring her even more passion for love.  Ladies of quality show boldness amidst apprehension,  Pronouncing triumph through confidence since God is close.  Solid ladies won’t give anybody a chance to get the best of them,  So talented in barriers, regardless of the possibility that they need to imagine,  Yet a lady of quality gives her best to everybody,  What’s more, even on a cloud filled day still splendid as the sun.

A solid lady depends on the physical properties making her intense,  In her quest for influence and cash she will never have enough,  A lady of quality comprehends that it’s not about material stuff,  Realizing that before turning into a precious stone first she’ll be in the unpleasant zone even for long periods of time she can withstand.

A solid lady now and then masks her emotions shadowed by mists,  A lady of quality concerns herself not with judgment from others,  What’s more, won’t give business a chance to interfere with duties as a wife and mother.  A solid lady is effortlessly anxious forward and backward she will start to pace,  Relying on her holier than thou state of mind as opposed to relying upon confidence,  A lady of quality is guaranteed trust in God will dependably bring her through,  What’s more, at the Creator’s named time she’ll get all that is legitimately due.

A solid lady commits errors and dodges the same for tomorrow,  Declining to require some investment thinking back with love and Godly distress,  The lady of quality understands life’s mix-ups regardless of how thin,  While expressing gratitude toward God for the endowments as she benefits from them.  A solid lady strolls head first with most likely in her psyche,  Regardless, she’ll not commit this error a second time,  Be that as it may, a lady of quality knows God will get her when she falls,  So when a circumstance emerges once more, she’s not reluctant to answer the call.

A solid lady wears the look of certainty all over,  Continually doing whatever it takes to get done with, looking for just ahead of everyone else,  The lady of quality rivals a passionate feeling of effortlessness,  Comprehension it’s more imperative to run a Holy Spirit filled race.

A solid lady has confidence that for the adventure she’ll have enough,  Regardless of how uneven the landscape or streets being rough and unpleasant,  A lady of quality knows it’s in the adventure she will get to be even more solid,  Also, the adoration for God is always with her, regardless of how troublesome or how long and although, sometimes she thinks she is even misunderstood by God.

The trip is not as A Strong Woman but rather A Woman Of Strength.  It is because she has had a lot to deal with and some major challenges along the way.  Instead of them breaking a solid lady, they make her more solid and she wants somebody who is even more tolerant than she.  A solid lady develops an unusual amount of emotional strength, and from this has learned to fight negative thoughts which constantly tear at her.

a strong

If you have been knocked by heartaches from love and bounced back, then you pass and are as solid as they come! We know how to dust ourselves right off, keep our heads up and keep on and figure that if it is meant, we can do nothing but hang in there. Nothing comes easy worth keeping, so why would we give up?  When you learn from what knocks you down, it makes you more solid and as a rock so to speak.


A solid lady does not know where she would be if for not staying on her knees and her closeness with God.  She thinks sometimes, by working for Him so much she wonders if it is not why it takes so long for her dreams to come true?

a strong1

A solid lady talks to God a lot and He always answers imediately afterward! He never fails her and He answers quickly too!  It is the only way a solid lady has peace.  She also has confidence and it helps her to walk with purpose always.  When you go through the storm and survive and come out in one piece, confidence grows even deeper. Without peace happiness means absolutely not one thing and happiness with piece is no such thing. This is what God does and He gives you a value of knowing your strength and when you know your strength, you tend to not want to give up nor out very easily at all.

In closing a solid woman is a force to be reckoned with and remember when she loves, she loves hard, so any man who gets a solid woman is a solid man and they both learn from one another gaining even more solid as one.  A solid woman knows about the dark side and knows how to come out always on the other side even better.  She was not always solid, but she was, but it took a storm to make her even more solid and toughen her even more to bring out what she can really be which is even more fierce than before.










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