Throwing Stones by Valerie Cheers Brown

“If people throw stones at you pick them right up and build something.” – Valerie Cheers Brown

Dinosaur bully
Harassing or bullying is a type of abuse or misuse of ones power and happens more regularly than we understand.

“You never know what another person is experiencing or even going through. Managing a disease, personal home problems, parents seperated making you sad, may have just lost a loved one and/or the list goes on and on, and is truly intense without individuals being mean”.

This is something we hear on numerous occasions from our many children but adults do the same thing, but may not even realize what they are doing to others feelings.

Bullying tackles a wide range of structures going from physical assaults to verbal attacks or ridiculing somebody. It can be aberrant: spreading dreadful rumors exclusion from social groups and cyber bullying right on social media in front of millions. Today we are going take a look at verbal ambushes.

Frequently, youngsters don’t understand they are being harassed by another friend, when actually their “new friend” is ridiculing them. As a concerned blogger working with children who are managing diseases, misuse and vagrancy, we hear and perceive how tormenting influences them. Not just does it effect’s a kid’s capacity to learn, however kids who are harassed frequently encounter tension, melancholy, stomach torments, and migraines. They can have a misfortune in craving and issues resting.

Let’s take a look at what happened to Tank The Dinosaur and see what he learned from people bullying one another:  tank

Take our dinosaur friend Tank the Dinosaur, for instance. He was a sound young dinosaur until his lesser year of secondary dinosaurus school when he was born with an auto-immune ailment called idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). This unending and life-undermining jumble causes simple and inordinate wounding and draining coming about because of low levels of cells that blood coagulation.

Tank instantly began IVIG medications that contained concentrated antibodies, plasma and steroids. He was a dynamic varsity dino wrestler, however was all of a sudden compelled to stop because of his dinosickness.

Once back in school, Tank experienced issues disclosing his sickness to his fellow dinosaur friends. The prescription he took to control ITP had antagonistic symptoms on his appearance. It made him put on a huge sum weight and create skin break out. The “harassing” started when he experienced harsh criticism from his previous dinosaur friends and dino colleagues. They began teasing him about his weight and extend mark coming from his skin, saying mean and pernicious things to him in a “clowning” style.

Tank the Dinosaur imparted to us his affectability to the adjustments in his body and the weariness created by his solution. He said he did his best to disregard their teasing and simply let it happen, however it was exceptionally terrible and made him need to stop as dinosaurus director of his wrestling group. Whenever asked “what might you say to other dinosaurs with illnesses or diseases in regards to your experience”, he answered “You never realize what another person is experiencing. Managing a sickness is truly extreme without individuals being mean”.

We would like individuals to see how younger dinosaurs managing affliction feel about being tormented. Younger dinosaurs regularly surmise that younger dinos with sicknesses are not the same as them, when truth be told they will be; they have the same sentiments of needing to have a place, being enjoyed and having dino friends.

If you don’t mind go along with us in working towards a positive change in consummation tormenting. By standing firm together, we can have any kind of effect.

Tank learned a great lesson and chose not to treat nor tease others bad because we never know what others may be going through in their personal lives, so be nice and love one another always.

Tank also listened to these quotes and he hopes you will too.

Tank says, “You can also share with others because they just may not know this good news!”





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