I Believe in 2016 by Valerie Cheers Brown

I saw Steve Harvey’s show last night and I know that pastor Father Michael Pfleger, and with myself volunteering quite a lot, you get to know familiar faces and he is one I know I know!!! I thank Steve Harvey for this show and for his bringing awareness about to tv viewers! Don’t you think we will stay stuck if we don’t begin teaching how to become entrepreneur especially to those in prison and they could be prepared while they are in there, for when they get out, they are so hyped and inspired to begin to get themselves out of the system forever and then those are those the ones who can go and speak to others to inspire them too.
Our focus should be on cutting down on recidivism and with all of the money the prisons are spending for all the other luxury things I heard they have, why cannot we focus on speakers via satellite lecturing and preparing prisioners, school children, colleges, etc. for what the new millennium holds and tht is not working for others, but self sufficient and getting our ownselves out of poverty by exploring entrepreneurship.
I think we in this country could learn from Muhammad Banker to the Poor Micro Lending and the Battle Against… Muhammad Yunus. We could even ask him if he would do via satellite teaching to our prisoners and in schools too. We can only ask for help!. WE got to do something or we are doomed for history to keep repeating itself. This is a wonderful start to a massive problem which will continue until we the people become the solution.
I really honestly believe that many prosperous and successful entreprenaurs of this world should begin speaking to prisoners, either via satellite or in person to prisioners, our schools to our kids and give them hope and inspire them how important self education really is so that they learn that it is not easy, but if and when you want to get yourself out of poverty you will have to work very hard to stay out,  focus on lowering recidivism and give our children something to be encouraged and look forward rather than working a nine to five job and making promises we cannot keep about the American Dream of working for somebody!
It is up to us and up to we the people like Steve Harvey said and who we need to begin focusing on is our children so they won’t wind up in prison, focus on speaking with prisoners giving them hope so they can look forward to not returning there we can most importantly begin to focus on our young black men especially giving them a sense of hope and most importantly showing them that somebody LOVES them enough to share how they prospered and got themselves out of poverty!
Thank you Steve Harvey and watched this program with my sister Tam, who faithfully watches you. I love how you make people laugh, yet you take time out of your very own very busy schedule to address major situations the whole enture United States of America is challening. Thank you so much for this post too~ Love, peace & blessings  
If you did not see this show, you should and thanks so much Mr. Steve Harvey! I was so happy to see this show and we need more like this and not just talk, but we got to begin by speaking to prisoners right now while they are still in there and this gives them hope and something to think about while they are right in there. I know this will work and we have to begin giving and sharing LOVE, something I only heard the ex-gang member mention!

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