Have You Helped Your Child Do Homework Lately? by Valerie Cheers Brown

First,  I would like to pray for our children and our schools around the world!

But, we will discuss the schools and a scenario which occurred in the United States right in my hometown of Saint Louis, Mo.

Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of children.  Thank You that before time began You knew these families and friends would be interconnected through Your Holy Spirit.  We humbly come before You today recognizing these children are only on loan to us.  As each year passes, they become more and more Yours, not ours.  We ask You to help us release them to You so that You can accomplish Your will for their lives.   How hard it is to let go.  Help us as parents, families, and friends to get out of the way so that You can accomplish Your work in their lives.  Help us to trust You.  Give us the grace to wait on You.  Your timing, Father is perfect.

Father, we pray that each one will know the depth of Your great love for them and know that You gave Your Son so that they could have life forever with You!

Father, we pray that they will call upon Your Son Jesus and confess Him as Lord and Savior of their lives.

Father, we pray they will develop a great love for You and a deep desire to have a personal relationship with You.

Father, we ask that You cultivate in each one a heart of prayer.  Lead them to depend solely upon You for their every need.

Father, we thank You that You created them with a specific plan and purpose for their lives.  Thank You that they are valuable and precious in Your sight.  Father, give them the mind of Christ that is theirs in You and help them to fully know and love who they are in You and this great plan You have for them.

Father, we pray Your protection over them by the covering of the blood of Jesus.  Give them discernment to recognize Satan’s lies and temptations.  Grant them extraordinary wisdom and strength to combat Satan’s work through the power of Your Holy Spirit.

Father, may each of them know how extravagantly and unconditionally You love them…that You will never leave them or forsake them no matter what they do.  May they be secure in that knowledge.  Show them in very personal and powerful ways how wide and high and deep and long is Your love.

Father, we pray that they will treasure Your Word above all the riches in this world.  Give them a hunger to read it and learn it.  Teach them to love it and live their lives according to it.

Father, write Your Word on their hearts.  Give them a heart to understand and obey it above all else.  Move their hearts to live their lives according to Your Word…to live a life that honors and glorifies You in all they say and do.

Father, we pray that they will honor their bodies as Your temple and keep themselves pure in every way.  Instill in them that they are created in Your image and are worthy of Your highest and best for their lives.

Father, teach them to submit to those placed in authority over them.  Father, give them hearts of humility.  Protect their hearts, keep them free of rebellion and disobedience.

Father, draw godly friends and mentors into their lives.  Give them friends who are true, wise, kind, and encouraging.  Give them great discernment as they choose those whom they will date.  May all dating relationships make You the center and honor You.

Father, we ask that Your Truth will reign supreme in their hearts and minds.  May they base their lives on the Truth of Your Word and not the lies of this world.  We ask that they daily renew their minds with Your Truth and keep their thoughts on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, excellent, and worthy of praise.

Father, teach our children to trust in You with all their heart, lean not on their own understanding, and in all their ways acknowledge You so that You will direct their paths.

Father, fill our children with Your joy…not happiness…but true joy found only in You.

Father, consume their hearts so that they desire only You.  Protect them from being people pleasers.  May they stand confidently in who they are in You!

Father, we pray the armor of God over our children:  the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the sword of the Spirit, the shield of faith, the belt of truth, and the shoes of the gospel of peace.

Father, plant Your love, Your presence, and Your Word deep within their hearts.  May Your Word reach into the marrow of their bones and ignite a passion that is unquenchable.  Cause them to love You with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and let NOTHING override that passion.

Father, as they spend their days at school, let them be stand apart.  May they be light in darkness, joy in sadness, peace in discontent, and order in chaos.  Let their character and integrity shine forth like the sun!

In their schools, Father, we pray that Your Word and the fear of the Lord would be the basis of wisdom and instruction.  Father, we ask that You take our prayers and blanket each school, placing them under the shadow of Your wing.

For those teachers that believe in You, strengthen them and uphold them with Your mighty right hand.  Father, give them an extra measure of wisdom, knowledge, and revelation to excel as teachers and shine in darkness.  Provide them with opportunities to share their faith with faculty, staff, and administration and give them the courage to do it.

We pray for every level of administration.  We pray for wisdom beyond comprehension as they make decisions for the schools and school systems.  We pray divine direction.  We pray that You would direct the steps of those making decisions for our children.  Make Your way clear and place those who walk with You in places of authority and decision-making.  Bless their efforts.  Give them favor.

Through Young Life, church youth groups, and other student ministries, use leaders and students to sweep each school with revival and evangelism.  Guide, bless, and empower the leaders and students through the power of Your Holy Spirit.  Go before them and open doors.  Father, we boldly ask for many to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and yield their lives to Christ.

Father, as we end our time in prayer, we boldly as that You would grow each of our children in wisdom and stature and favor with God and with man.  Thank You in advance for all You will do in and through our prayers.  We ask this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord!

Please leave a prayer today for any child,  teacher, leader, or school who is on your heart today. Let’s storm the gates of heaven for our children and our schools today!

Standing together with you in prayer.  Amen

Have You Helped Your Child Do Homework Lately?

Why do we think we need so many tests in the United States in our schools?

What is most important, spending or achieving?

My neighbors children were locked out and the parents were not home and I heard them knocking, so I decided to tell them to come in so they could stay warm.  I also asked them if they had homework. They all said yes, and commenced to pull out pages which were torn from a workbook. I was in so much disbelief and when I went to look at it, the instructions made no sense at all.

What is happening to our kids in our society today is our fault and if we don’t do something and even more, say something we are doomed and our kids are really going to be lost.

They asked if they could watch the television and I told them that I don’t have many channels because I don’t watch the television and they looked curious, like is this lady crazy or what? I told them I like to read and write and I read a whole  lot instead of watching the television.

They then asked if I had channel 52 which is I believe is the Disney Channel and I told them, “No, I told you I don’t watch television, and would rather read.”

They asked about my grandson and asked doesn’t he watch the television? I again told them, “No, my grandson keeps a book in his hands most of the time when he is not playing his X-Box  or he is doing discovery of new things and challenges and he keeps his mind pretty busy too!”

We ended helping doing homework and they got started while they waited for their parents arrival. 😉

I was totally shocked when I helped my grandson with his homework and he also pulled out a torn page from a workbook, and he was very confused. I commenced to help him and what he had was actually Physiological Science which is dedicated to explaining the function of complex biological systems, in cells, organs, and individuals.

I then asked him, do you have a book that you have to read in order to answer these questions and he told me he had left his notes at school and that his teacher talked about the subject as they took notes so in other words he was lectured.  I asked him why did he leave his notes and he looked puzzled and went looking for them and could not find them. He said, “I know I put those notes in here, but we could not find the notes?”

I was amazed at how this seemed just like lecture in college and after all he is going to a school which goes all year around they are so much more advanced than we were when I was in the sixth grade!

I loved his assignment but those torn pages from a workbook were driving me and him bonkers and he said, “Grammy I will get it, and I just have to remember what my teacher told us when she talked to us in class, when I took notes.”

Anyway, I helped him best I could and he got a good grade on that homework assignment after all said and done.

Why are teachers pulling pages from workbooks rather than giving our children critical thinking questions or is this to be critical thinking in 2016 by using these workbooks as leassonplans?

Do teachers even know how to think anymore and I would have loved to have been a spider on the wall during her lecture to those children?

I am noticing this a lot and do your children bring any written questions or do they also bring torn workbook pages as homework?

Do our children use books anymore?

I had thought, okay, maybe this is a good thing so our  kids don’t have to carry those big heavy books, but when you bring homework home, you should have reference material to go back to when you get stuck I thought?

I am not judging nor criticizing, but only trying to understand?

I found an interesting study by Ludger Woessmann who is a research associate at the Kiel Institute of World Economics in Kiel, Germany. To view his study in its entirety, log on to http://www.edmattersmore.org.  She states that: “For education strategy, the aftereffects of this study recommend that the essential inquiry is not one of giving more assets but rather of enhancing the institutional environment in which schools capacity. Spending more cash inside of an institutional framework that sets poor motivators won’t enhance students execution. An institutional framework in which every one of the general population included have a motivating force to enhance understudy execution is the main option that guarantees beneficial outcomes.”

Have you noticed your kids homework? The more I am seeing teachers tearing pages out of workbooks and calling it homework, I am getting really scared and what kind of assignments are these which after taking a look make no sense, nor gives our children any basis of backup to study before completing this supposedly homework assignment.

Is this the school’s way of taking a load off our children’s backs by them not carrying their books home with them?

I don’t know but you know me, I will get to the bottom of this, but have to be very careful and I am only a grandmother and not a parent of these children, but still very concerned?

Is homeschooling a better way for our kids to get the ltrue one on one earning they need?

Shouldn’t parents be attending or even creating meetings discussing and asking questions?




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