Social Businesses by Valerie Cheers Brown

To overcome poverty and the flaws of the economic crisis in our society, we need to envision our social life. We have to free our mind, imagine what has never happened before and write social fiction. We need to imagine things to make them happen. If you don’t imagine, it will never happen.-Muhammad Yunus

First, before you even begin reading and getting into this blog, please take a listen to this song called ” Here Me Now” by the Green Children which sings the story of a Grameen Bank borrower:

All human beings are born entrepreneurs. Some get a chance to unleash that capacity. Some never got the chance, never knew that he or she has that capacity. – Muhammad Yunus

I concur with Professor Muhammad Yunus and please take a listen to his presentation at the bottom of this blog and please feel to share this vital information.

We need your help to promote this idea to prisons, schools, and mainly our children before they become a problem and help them to become a solution get themselves out of poverty.

At the point when Professor Yunus came to identify with my Public Policy class at Saint Louis University in 2010, I will always remember something which he ingrained into myself and that was:

What began with a credit advance of $27 to 42 women in a little town 33 years back has formed into an overall microcredit improvement that has changed the lives of an enormous number of desperate people far and wide..

I talked with Professor Yunus after class and he instructed me to get some person like my congressman to support my going and going to the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and once I arrived they would give me a visit and I could show signs of improvement comprehension of what and how this bails anyone to get themselves out of destitution.

To put it plainly, I did compose a proposition and submitted it to my congressman who around then was Congressman Lacy Clay, Jr. He called me into his office, just I arrived to discover he was not there, but rather was by means of satellite from his office in Washington, D.C. with his parther.

I was truly respected that he even perused my proposition. He then went ahead to ask me, “Do you realize this is only a pawn shop, and we have enough of them here in Saint Louis. I then said “A pawn shop is in no way such as smaller scale financing.” I did understand that this idea could or even would be thought to be similar to a pawn shop and a pawn shop teaches one about responsiblity on the off chance that you need your thing back, you will go and pay to get it back!

However, my proposition about the Micro-Financing was a very surprising idea which I genuinely do accept is an idea which would get parcel of individuals out of neediness, particularly perceiving what number of ladies in Bangladesh are really starting to get themselves out of destitution and are currently. their own special business visionaries.

I trust that this idea would likewise get detainees empowered and give them trust while they are detainees still bolted up and gives them something which they could chip away at and get their marketable strategies, and so on arranged while they are in that spot in jail.

Additionally, I do trust this idea would lighten wrongdoing and above all else decrease recidivism which is high in the United States at this moment progressively.

We could begin by having fruitful business people to start to address detainees while they are still in jail, instead of out. I feel this will give them something to get a handle on and maybe get to be energized enough to chip away at an arrangement while bolted up furthermore empower their conduct rolling out them need to improvement their live style and not rehash insult and lower our recidivism rate in this nation.

In the event that we imagine that occupations are the way to help with our test in this nation, we are not taking a gander at the master plan and we need to take a gander at this moment and head toward another millinnum concentrating on turning into a legitimate business visionary.

From listening and talking numerous ex guilty parties, their primary issue is no trust expecting that they won’t have the capacity to land a position and after that the greater part of the employments are not going to contract ex-criminals. I am seeing numerous doing this now in Saint Louis, yet we are not taking a gander at the 10,000 foot view.

A considerable lot of the guilty parties who are bolted up for instance right here in Saint Louis, Mo are bolted up because of medication trafficking, drug offering, and so on.

I have talked furthermore listened to numerous both ex-criminals and comprehend why they chose the unlawful lifestyle since it profits for them to pay bills, and so on yet, I express to them, “Aren’t you tired of the same ole thing and  in and out, in and out of prison?”And they express that the employments over here are just the lowest pay permitted by law occupations and most won’t even hire them due to having a record and/or being an ex-felon.

I feel their torments and particularly for the Black man who if does not pay their youngster child supporty, they get locked up.

All things considered, does society anticipate that them will pay their child support then?

It is a hopeless scenario for my black brothers and I do feel their agony, so this is the reason I am composing this blog offering solution to one of biggest challenges in this country, and we in this nation must be the solution and problem and help them to not only  finding employment working for minimum wages  or notwithstanding having the capacity to land a job position with a record.

I’ll wager you one thing that some of those ex street pharmacists have great hard working attitudes with regards to keeping their cash and overseeing, paying for their item and afterward starting the cycle once more, just it is not authentic agreeing the law of our nation, so result to continue doing likewise so as to get by in this nation we call America, The Land of The Free.’

Many of those drug felons fundamentally as of now have the idea of being a business person already, so the learning process probably would be on a very smaller scale of learning micro-financing which would not be hard for them to adjust to I truly don’t think.

In closing, I genuinely feel what Professor Yunus clarifies here about ‘For Profit’ loaning cash to poor people, and in the end the proprietors would be the real individuals who get the cash and become stakeholders of the bank.

“The proprietors of the bank are the borrowers of the bank. That is the refinement that we need to make, to clear up what we are,” Dr. Yunus states.

I trust you will share Profssor Yunus’ idea and lets urge our nation to push ahead and truly kill destitution. On the off chance that we cooperate, we can do what Professor Yunus clarifies here and “Together We Stand, Together Progress For All!

The time has come to make “Together we stand, Together we fall,” a myth.

Thank you taking the time to read this and please…..pass this idea along and enjoy listenig to Professor Yunus.

Muhammad Yunus: Lifting People Worldwide out of Poverty


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