Crazy Good by Valerie Cheers Brown

“Writing is like talking to yourself, just in a way that makes it look like you’re not crazy!”
Mary Kate

It takes a lot of courage for a person to be called crazy the majority of their life and not be ashamed to repeat it or not even get mad about it, but when you know you are not it doesn’t matter being called crazy.

These are the types of mentors, or I call them my heroes and sheroes ,whom I love reading about.  I love studying, researching, reading and if they are alive; even following them and calling them mentors. Even if they are not alive, I consider it an honor to have similiaries as these great legends with the way people viewed us.

Mentors don’t have to respond, but I let them know just how much I love them because they remind me of me and since and if I remind me of them; then I must be onto something and could just possibly take what I learn from them and change my life not only for me, but for my family and others too.

But, I do notice that when you begin to follow mentors and let them know what they mean to you, they begin sharing and to me this is caring, and these are the things which inspire me to be and do those things I love doing so much better and make new and incredible new things happen in my life for not only myself but for my family too!

So, I am on my way to that place called “No more worries ofwhen you can take vacation, etc.” and these mentors didn’t get there by taking Easy Street, but instead they got to where they are through lots of hard work, diligence, patience, perseverance and most importantly by loving what they do.

“It Takes Crazy to Love Crazy,” is what I say when you are called this most of your life and you still keep going at what you love doing.

Even when I was a kid by me not liking what others liked, I was called difficult and very hard to get along and totally called crazy a whole lot, especially by family and it did not bother me, not really but at least my family had the guts to say it, when others didn’t and it just showed by their lack of understanding who I was.

As a matter of fact, when called that I smile. It was fine, but I would never be that rude to people and just either not say anything, or just what I could very easily just do is to remove myself and walk away which I will do in a heartbeat.

Then I am missed and they come to see what is wrong with me or what amazes me is when I don’t say anything and then I am labelled as mad or angry.

But I don’t and I will stay for the long haul and then I am told I am overdue or I should know when to let things go when they don’t work!

All of my life me and my sister Tam have always been curious and little entrepreneurs too, and would do things just to see the results, i.e. made our very own carnivals with our very own creative rides, made our homemade tickets and made money from the kids in the neighborhood too, etc.

Our royalties as kids with our cereal invention was for years our home was delivered great big boxes of cereal for years. Our parents did not even know it was because of my sister and myself submitting our ideas with our kid creative mind inventions.

I use to read about thinkers, we loved reading about people who while me and my sister were very young, but still like them and they were all in these incredible books at the library, i.e. Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, etc.  My sister and I would hold hands and walk to the library together all of the time.

Then I loved reading about famous and smart black women like Sojourner Truth and loved the way she spoke to people and spoke to men and they listened, and you got to be on the ball back then when men treated women not as equals and black to be this great leader who could not even read, but could speak and you could hear a piece of cotton hit the floor it was such silence of them listening to her. These are the kind of people I loved reading about as a kid, not Dr. Seuss! lol

I feel the same way about writing and have always believed in not making friends to be liked nor did or do I never care about being liked, I just was and it was this electric magnet force which was on high beam whenever I stepped outside of my house or door.

But it just came natural and many had a problem with this, but who cares and they should look at themselves for telling me I speak to too many people.

I guess this is one main reason I never pledged, not saying it is not a good thing, just not a good thing for myself and of no interest to me after watching what they went through and I like leading not following, but I am a good follower too when it comes to my many mentors when I read about their lives and accomplishments!

I can listen to music and read at the same time, but when not saying anything I am so labelled as mad or others will come and ask me if I am okay, but when I was talking I thought I knew it all or nobody wants to hear that.

But the freedom of social media is that you can write and write and no matter if one person reads it word of mouth travels fast.

I don’t call people who don’t like what I like crazy, I just keep doing what I am doing and when you like what you do, it does not matter what others say or think about you.

I am in it for the long-haul especially when I love what I do and that is serving others for God is my job for now and I love taking what God gives to me, not even understand it most of the time when I first see it or read it, research it, dissect it and do my best to put into my own words where you will get a gist to want more, not from who I got it from, but from me.

My sister and my grandmother always told me if you are good at what you do, you will never have to pay anybody for what you give to them which helps all people!

I am just simply here to get the good word out without any compensation, without any publication of books, without even getting credit for what I do and if I were here for nominations, I would have stopped a long time ago.

Most of my life me and my sisters and brother have made accomplishments and were always taught no matter what you do in life always do it so if somebody sees it they will recommend you to somebody else and the rest will be history.

All of my life I have been told these positive things to enhance and help me and must admit, myself having a very hard head or even stubborn at times, am just now realizing that You are here to help me and not hurt me.

I am talking about my God and He gives to me when He wants to give to me and it is when I mostly don’t put my prayers in the right form or fashion, so I am very careful about what I pray for now.  He puts me on punishment and makes me learn how to be more patient and have faith and I must admit those two things are very hard for me.

So, all I am trying to say that when God is in the picture, we must wait on Him and when we show lack of faith it will take so much longer than having faith.

I have patience but without the faith, I must admit it is not going to happen the way you pray all of the time. So, we just have to wait on God and He never not keeps His words to us, so have fun where you are right now, be happy, grateful that you are where you are right not and get ready for what He has for you.

P.S. When God gives you peace, there is nothing much better than this in the world not even money.

“I’m talking to myself in two different personas now. I’m reaching for a full-throttle meltdown and why not? Why stop halfway? Why not just go for it, jump on and ride the wave?” ― C.K. Kelly Martin, My Beating Teenage Heart
❤ ❤ ❤ 😉




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