Zero to Hero by Valerie Cheers Brown

“Keep in mind that sometimes the wrong turn can bring us to the right place.”

– Valerie Cheers Brown

To me, he’s a hero, … He’s not polite. He’s not someone you want to take home to meet your mother, necessarily. This is a guy in search of truth. Incidentally, that truth one day could save your life or the life of someone you love. That’s a heroic thing. – Hugh Laurie

If you look for and search for and expect Love, He will give it to you. Love is all around us.

If you hunt down Truth. He will come. He’s the Holy Spirit.

If you are praying for peace and rest and serenity,

He will grasp you like a mom, nursing you at Her bosom.

In the event that you search for and expect fear, He will want and come for you.

Apprehension is a deception that can show in any frame your creative ability can compose.

What you concentrate on, amplifies and gets to be reinforced.

What You Think About Comes to Fruition:

The river is continually moving, much the same as life. Time doesn’t have a respite catch. The sum total of what we have is the minute called Now. Around the curve is future for all of our situations. We haven’t been there some time recently. We are pioneers in this world and in the event that we are completely present in the occasion, there is no limit to the fortunes surrounding us. We are well off animals, in fact, for we’ve been given this astounding blessing called life.

Around the curve is more life than you’ve yet experienced, dear friend. Around the twisted curve, we go from wonderfulness to eminence. Build up yourself in today – now, this minute. Yesterday is as of now down the waterway. Tomorrow is just around the twisted curve of life. In this moment you have a decision to sparkle, to lift your face to the One who cherishes you best and to mirror that greatness on everybody and everything around you.

Sparkle, dear friend. Sparkle in this moment. Only this one little moment. Try not to stress over what is to come around the twisted curve. You can do it! Look under your feet. Look over your head. Turn around and glance all around. There’s greatness there, in the little, conventional things of life.

The uncharted river is the place I’ve been recently. You can most likely tell by the stories on my site and the constantly changing flag title that my life has been currently re-examination for as long as three years to four years. The starting slid into an end, which spun around into a fresh start. 360 degrees of progress… great change, new development, and crisp bits of knowledge… taking after real change and pruning.

Uncharted river.  Drastically free. My best life. A hefty portion of us are in the etc. etc. etc. paths of life, as the winds, surges, and flames shape the internal territory of our souls. A few of us have wandered off the outline and we’re spearheading in the wild, untamed climate of progress.

It is the time right now for us to FIND and indulge in our BEST LIFE and be a participant NOW and live, love and have faith that we will move forward or onward toward our destination from Zero to Hero.

“I got a zero. That’s like a perfect ten—it’s only one away from being flawless. Remember this next time you think you have nothing.” ― Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

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