You are Different Than You Think by Valerie Cheers Brown

Utilizing DNA to follow individuals who are associated with carrying out a wrongdoing has been a noteworthy development in policing. At the point when DNA profiling is utilized shrewdly it can convict individuals who have perpetrated genuine wrongdoings or excuse individuals who are guiltless. Be that as it may, concerns emerge when people’s tissue tests, automated DNA profiles and individual information are put away uncertainly on a DNA database. There are worries that this data could be utilized as a part of ways that undermine individuals’ individual protection and rights and that of their families.

We should never believe that by us all being different that it makes for not so boring a world, yet we have innocent people being convicted for others crimes and many people are in 2016 being accused of crimes that they did not even do.

You would think that by us all being so different we would not live in such a complex world, and just think how much even worse it would be if we all looked alike?

Why with us being so different are there so many unsolved crimes in this country and why are people doing things which can ruin others livelihoods like taking another’s personal identity, etc.?

God made us all so different to make things so much better for this world not worse, yet it seems quite the opposite.  Couldn’t we use these beautiful diffrences to make this world so much better and couldn’t we learn from these differences to help one another as world team by partnering with one another?

We need to do something and we need to do something now and begin to use what God provides to us and this goes for all of His creations including our DNA story which identifiies who we are, what we will inherit, what we have inherited, what we can prevent our children from inheriting, etc..

If we used what God gave to us in this country we could have less victims, less mistaken identity, less babies being born with passed down traits, etc.  We tend to spend more money on studies and science research than we do on actual cures and ways to cut down on crime, mistaken identity, illness, disease, etc.

You Were Born a Masterpiece

You are a perfect work of art or a masterpiece! At the point when God made you, He truly did think outside the box! There is no other individual who is precisely like you! You are a unique and so different!

Realizing that we are extraordinary ought to humble us. It ought to make us understand exactly the amount God cherishes us. We comprehend that no two individuals have the same unique makeup story or DNA. That takes my breath away just to consider that there is no other one in the human populace who has the indistinguishable example that I have or you have.

It doesn’t end there. We are informed that one’s DNA is strikingly diverse too. No two individuals have the same indistinguishable DNA.

God needed us to be particularly distinctive, and in the meantime, have a percentage of the same qualities and characteristics of our parents. This is the reason when we were conceived, we might have wound up with our mom’s eyes and our dad’s hair.

It goes significantly further as we develop more established when we demonstrate a percentage of the behavioral qualities and peculiarities of our parents.

The Book of Psalms is one of my most loved areas of the Bible. This most expressive book, the dominant part of which was composed by David, has some fundamental truths communicated in an idyllic and elegant style.

In Psalm 139, he kept in touch with, “I will adulate you; for I am dreadfully and brilliantly made: magnificent are your works; and that my spirit knows right well.”

Notice the last expression in this verse. I think this is deserving of our thought, since this little expression frequently gets disregarded. There are such a variety of individuals today who don’t give God and our association with Him any misgiving.

We underestimate such a large number of things in this day and time, and we shouldn’t, particularly that we are Christians. With every passing day, we ought to pick up another gratefulness for how He has favored us.

God did not make us on a large scale manufacturing line. He took awesome consideration in making us who we were intended to be. He had a reason personality a main priority for us even before we appeared.

He knew we would sin and be helpless to live up to His expectations. He knew we would fall. He knew we would fail, but He gave us forgiveness. Even though we have failed Him, He has provided us with hope and a way back to Him.

David wrote in Psalm 199:3, “Know ye that the Lord is God; it is He that has made us, and not we ourselves. We are His people, and the sheep of his flock.”

There are those who have this totally in reverse. They think that God should cater to our every need and provide us with all of our desires. But God has made us for His glory and to serve Him.

Paul reminds us in First Corinthians, “For you are bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which belongs to God.”

What he is saying here is that we should not abuse what God has given us. Oftentimes we do not use what God has given us in the right way. We mistreat our bodies by smoking, drinking, using drugs, overeating or other things, then we fail to fulfill our greatest potential in our work, morals and relationships with other people.

We know we should not do it, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves just how far the Lord has brought us and where He is leading us.

You may not feel like a masterpiece. There are times when we feel anything but! Living life here on this planet is not always easy. But the Lord wants us to know how much He loves us and that He is with us even in times of despair.

Genotype vs Phenotype  

In the event that you are amidst a group and look around, you’ll see that regardless of what number of individuals you see, no two of them precisely look alike accept maybe identical twins. There are two reasons why we’re all so diverse. Every one of us have acquired diverse qualities, and every one of us have been presented to various situations. Geneticists portray how these two impacts influence who we get to be regarding our genotype and phenotype.

The genotype of a life form is the hereditary code in its cells. This hereditary constitution of an individual impacts – yet is not exclusively in charge of – large portions of its characteristics. The phenotype is the unmistakable or communicated characteristic, for example, hair shading. The phenotype relies on the genotype however can likewise be affected by ecological or environment variables.

Here I will share with you a video where Paul Andersen explains how changes in the genotype of an individual can affect the phenotype. He begins with genotype:phenotype, letters:story analogy. He explains how mutations can be neutral, beneficial or harmful. He also explains how mistakes in the cell cycle can lead to disorder, sterility or new species and what I hope to be paid attention to is how the environment can changes in the genotype can affect change in the phenotype.  The letters in the book would be the genoytpe but the actual story would be the phenotype of our health and life.

Uniqueness of Genotype

Unless you’re an indistinguishable twin, your genotype is totally one of a kind. There are more than 8 million conceivable blends of 23 chromosome sets, which means there are more than 8 million conceivable distinctive mixes of chromosomes you could have acquired from your folks. The genuine number of conceivable blends is far more prominent still following the procedure that offers ascend to egg and sperm cells can trade parts of chromosomes through a procedure called recombination. Indistinguishable twins, in any case, share precisely the same, which is the thing that makes them indistinguishable. Both twins have acquired precisely the same from their parents.

Uniqueness of Phenotype

Everybody has a remarkable phenotype – even indistinguishable twins. For the vast majority, your genotype is novel, and regardless of the fact that you’re an indistinguishable twin you might be liable to various natural impacts and encounters than your twin; subsequently, your phenotype will be distinctive. You and your twin might have diverse companions in school or distinctive encounters, for instance. For hereditarily decided characteristics such as hair shading, you will both be indistinguishable, however for different qualities, for example, identity and conduct, that are resolved just incompletely by hereditary qualities, you might well be distinctive.


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