Live for Healing by Valerie Cheers Brown

Anybody who knows me knows how deeply I feel about posture and our spine from becoming worse as we age which is very important and if we take care of our spine like we take care of teeth, our body will function so much more  efficiently..

According to Dr, Billy DeMoss, chiropractors are very underrated and many of us think that they are not real doctors.  Anything you do to protect and nurture our spine will promote “greater expression of nerve intelligence” and “a higher vibrancy in health.”

What I really love about them is how they don’t believe in a lot of prescribed medication but they use holistic methods for healing our bodies by curing our pressure points which are connected to our nervous system which is a big part of our body makeup’s functioning properly.

“Healthcare is really about doing everything you can to get the body back in alignment, not only chemically but also spiritually and mentally.

This is where I have found chiropractic to be above average when helping address the cause of the problem before it gets worse.  We should not believe that our illnesses which we do to our own bodies are due to us needing medication, but instead to change our lives and change the way we eat, live and love!

When my blood pressure was told by a doctor to be high, I changed myself how I ate and most of all how I drank my water and the kind of water makes a big difference too.

Your little one may have asthma, however it’s not on the grounds that he has a lack of albuterol; and neither is an ear disease not a deficiency of amoxicillin. Those things have their place in an emergency circumstance and we should try to control and do without medications after awhile and this is where a chiropractor does become a handy source of curing our pressure points of our body.

Be that as it may, [chiropractors] don’t take a look at the side effects; but instead they take a look at what brought about the indications or the actual disease or illness.

There are many times if there’s nerve obstruction bringing down the expression and capacity of organs, it can add to the body not working at 100 percent, which abandons it more helpless to, as we in chiropractic say, ‘Dis-Ease’ and after that the body gets to be wiped out or symptomatic.

What chiropractors like to do is look at the individual holistically and see what’s going with their whole entire nervous system.

How Our Children Can Benefit With A Chiropractor Visit

According to Dr. DeMoss who deals mostly with children says, “They don’t normally come in for pain issues, but rather your typical childhood problems such as earaches, allergies, and asthma, for example.”

“Kids are recuperating or healing machines. For whatever length of time that you get things appropriately lined up, their digestion system and ability to mend is in there,” he says. “Some of the time you have to accomplish more than tidying up the eating routine and altering it.

At times they should be detoxified, whether it was from some kind of conceivable lethal antibody or from eating poisonous sustenances. You have glyphosate from GMOs …. additives … nourishment colorings and added substances … bromines.

You have all these distinctive things that can add to bringing down the vibration of that patient’s mending potential, i.e. youngsters …

It’s tragic in light of the fact that I’ll see kids that come to me and it’s the same story again and again. It’s similar to, ‘He’s on his twelfth round of anti-infection agents,’ and I’m contemplating internally, ‘Why might you keep on accomplishing something on the off chance that it didn’t work the primary, second, third, or even fourth time? Why do you continue doing it?’

I’ve never taken an anti-infection. I’m lucky. I wouldn’t take it unless I was on my passing bed. The microbiome has turned into a hotly debated issue recently. I’ve generally thought about that … When you just unpredictably utilize an anti-infection … you’re decimating a portion of your … invulnerable capacity.

The more anti-toxins these children take, the weaker their insusceptible frameworks and the more awful the indications get. That is my specialty as a chiropractor. I’m better than average about altering. In any case, I’m truly a lucid educator. I make it so individuals can comprehend it.”

A Chiropractor Gets To The Root Of The Issue

According to Dr. DeMoss, “in case you’re not healthy, chiropractic can regularly address the epigenetic and bioenergetic underpinnings. Normally, eating routine and way of life assume real parts, and DeMoss addresses those zones with his patients also,” something many physicians don’t even touch upon at all nor or even taught when they go to medical school.

Dr. DeMoss basically wants people to realize that when things are not working in our body, there are alternatives other than medication and/or surgery to make it work again and when your body works properly, we feel better mentally, spiritually and socially.

It is so sad that people limit their beliefs just how the miracles of getting to the root of the problem really is and seeing a chiropractor is about so much more healing and they are so underrated in our society.

In conclusion and as a general rule, “Dr. DeMoss needs individuals to come and use chiropractors to expand their demeanor of life and amplify the quality as well as the amount of the life that God have planned for them.”

I would just like to say thank you to my friend Dr. Mercola for keeping us informed and share and helps us to learn that there are other ways for healing our bodys! Remember that your nervous system and your brain control every function of our body. Thank you also to my friend Dr. DeMoss for sharing this great information too.





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