When Life Gives You Lemons by Valerie Cheers Brown


When life gives you lemons make orange juice and leave the world wondering how the hell you did it! – Valerie Cheers Brown – 

We cannot permit our past to shape our future contrarily however, take those lemons and and make them orange juice and use to empower other individuals who were experiencing harmed, brokenness, and disdain in their lives from agony brought on to them by others.

Sharing our stories not only frees us, but can help shape the world to understand that we can’t accuse our negative viewpoint for life on the general population who might have harmed us somehow or another or in the not as much as immaculate circumstances that we end up in? The main individual I need to fault for is myself? That is bad!

It’s likewise reality for you and I.

Life has a method for giving us lemons when we wouldn’t dare hoping anymore, however it’s dependent upon us to choose precisely what we will do with them.

We can utilize the lemons throughout our life as a reason to keep us away from who God called us to be.

On the other hand we can consider them to be a chance to react in an unexpected way.

To transcend and choose happiness.

To permit those lemons to be the venturing stones that will lead us to precisely where God needs to take us next.

At the point when life gives you lemons you have two choices: you can permit them to keep you sharp and sad OR you can make lemonade.

I don’t know about you, but lemonade sounds a considerable measure superior to sour lemons.

God can and will utilize those lemons throughout your life to make something wonderful out of them, yet it’s dependent upon you to permit Him to offer you some assistance with seeing that the lemons that come your direction might be the careful instruments that He will use to make something phenomenal out of you. 🙂

“And we know that in all things (including the lemons) God works for the good of those who love him,  who have been called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

Individuals will always disappoint us. They will break our hearts. They will break their promises. They will come up short of us consistently. We can put our entire selves into somebody, and they can in any case let us down. We can’t rely on upon individuals of this Earth to think about us as profoundly as we think about them. It’s the dismal truth, regardless of how genuinely unfortunate it is.

Here and there, we require somebody to give their opportunity to us.

We can’t experience our entire lives completely emptying ourselves into everybody around us. Here and there, we require somebody to do that for us – to hold us when we cry, to be there when we require them, to settle our brokenness, to be cheerful in the miserable times. We can’t do that for other people. We require somebody to content us first and make the arrangements for once, or for somebody to just say, “How goes it with you?” However, we ought to dependably keep on cherishing on others, notwithstanding when they minimum merit it.

Sparkle after you have been through the storm.

It can be a truly troublesome thing to do. After we have been through so much, it’s difficult to simply be a light to others around you. In any case, that is the thing that experiencing troublesome things shows us. There are constantly better times ahead, regardless of the fact that we can’t see them. So after our hard time surpasses us, it is vital to show individuals that they, as well, can overcome their extreme times. At the point when individuals hurt you, demonstrate that you can move past it. Show individuals, “Stunning, she’s been through so much, yet she simply has a light about her.”

Be your own saint.

Try not to search for another person to settle you, even after you have been harmed. You got this! Regardless of what number of individuals hurt you, you can simply sort yourself to retreat with the Lord. You ought to be a finished individual without requiring any other person. Turned into an individual who doesn’t require someone else to make them cheerful. Be an individual who doesn’t permit others to push them around.

It’s alright to forgive them.

It may be difficult to, and you may not have any desire to. Notwithstanding when individuals do as such numerous wrongs, forgiving is the most essential viewpoint. You don’t need to be closest companions with them once more, or place yourself in a position to get hurt once more.

Don’t be the one who hurts others continously.

You never know what other individuals are experiencing until we walk in their shoes. Continuously approach everybody you meet with deference and adoration. Everybody should be thought about. We all commit errors, obviously. Be that as it may, don’t be the individual who ignores other people groups’ sentiments, or makes them feel like they aren’t sufficient.

Be deliberate with individuals and put resources into them as much as you can. You never know when somebody may require that grin or wave on their approach to class. You never know when somebody may need to listen, “Hey, I think about ya and leave them with a smile. This is the wonderful thing about serving others and how it makes us forgot about ourselves and listen to them..”

When we put our confidence in the flesh, we have a tendency to get our hearts broken. Nobody keeps each and every promise they ever make. Nobody is free from defects or slip-ups that can possibly hurt others. We hurt others. Others hurt us. In any case, it doesn’t make anybody a less significant individual. Individuals will always hurt us and make us surmise that we are sufficiently bad. Yet, we are. You are so sufficient and so much more better than that.

“Power is the ability to do good things for other.” – Valerie Cheers Brown





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