by Valerie Cheers Brown

As a kid, I always wondered about the billy goat and why they tend to eat a lot of things?

Do you ever wonder why they eat many things?

Did God create them to help us know what is healthy to eat and also what may be good for our environment and what is not, i.e. plants, material things of our environment, etc?

There are numerous old stories and myths advised that identify with the goat, furthermore goat symbology that has been disregarded down to us a huge number of years. In Ancient Crete, Greece, and Egypt, the goat got divine respects. The Egyptians rank the goat’ amongst the divine beings as the Goat of Mendes in light of the fact that as Herodotus had said, both a goat and Pan were called Mendes in the Egyptian dialect. In Crete and Greece, the he-goat was the God of All Things (GOAT), and in mythology is known as the God Pan.

Do they really eat everything or do they eat only what is good and healthy for their well-being?

As I get older, I more wonder why it is that certain cultures keep them around?

Can they tell us what is good to eat and can they show us what is harmful to us?

I just wonder and found a bit of an explanation about them:

If they eat something does it mean it is okay for us to use or even eat?

I wonder if they would eat half of the stuff that is in our environment around us today?

I would like to thank the writer of this amazing article, Weed’em & Reap.”

I just find it pretty amazing that all of God’s creations were created for incredible reasons and not just for us eating them, but for them maybe showing us what is safe for us and what is not.

What do goats really eat?

If you have any comments feel free to make them and enjoy what I found!

GOAT – The Devilish “God of All Things”




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