Weekly Weigh In by Valerie Cheers Brown

Have you ever just felt the need in doing something different you have never done in your life before?

I mean doing it and not just thinking about it!

It was not easy finding something to do each and every day, but I needed this!

I had actually forgotten how much fun it is to try something new.  It did not take much time before I was actually excited to get each and every morning to do something that day for the very first time.

Well, this is what I decided to DO!

Just thinking about new things brought life back into my life and also made me realize something very important. I realized that doing things for the first time did not have to be big or dramatic and did not even have to be risky to recharge or reinvent your life but the courageous thought of actually doing rather than just saying what you will do was the challenge.

I began feeling that just trying small things makes you feel or see this big world around your life the way a child sees doing things for the first time. Doing things for the first time as a recurrent training and takes what might seem predictable and smothering and transforms it into something filled with this new way of learning and new possibility  which can be fun.

I dare you to try and make a list of new first-time things and just do them and make them your new accomplishments.

My first assignment for the day was to do a video.

I never had a problem speaking before others in my life, but for some funny reason the thought of many others possibly seeing this sent chills down my spine, but the challenge began.

It is April 18, 2016, and I have got my material I need to recite and when it comes to memorization, not too good at that, but that could be another challenge for another day, so the challenge begins with doing a poem before many people and posting it to see how I actually did!





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