Let’s Talk About Natural Tobacco by Valerie Cheers Brown

Through TRUTH we Will Create a Better World Together. There is no real division of left or right, religious, or anything else, it was all created to keep us separated. Coming together as ONE in Truth we are the Power! We CAN and WILL create the world as it is meant to be through Truth of What is and Ourselves! In Truth We Stand! – Sherrie

The Truth of tobacco and smoking. It is valuable and it is a treatment for Ebola.

It is not valuable to smoke business purchased cigarettes as they contain more than 3000 added substances with a large portion of those being cancer-causing. Smoking locally acquired cigarettes will make somebody have growth. Be that as it may, smoking normal unadulterated tobacco is something all together diverse and can be beneficial for you wellbeing insightful in various circumstances. Experimental studies have demonstrated smoking is useful.

One needs to ask why it has been defamed by the administration beginning in the 70’s, which is the decade Ebola touched base in Africa. It has appeared to help AIDS, which started in the 80s. Other than obviously every one of the chemicals they splash noticeable all around now, smokers lungs are covered and secured against the chemicals. Characteristic tobacco is beneficial for you, not locally acquired cigarettes.

Smokers have preferable mental capacities over non-smokers, mitigating, etc.

Mom’s Tobacco shop has many tobacco brands.  Use Pipe tobacco for your cigarettes as it is cheaper than cigarette tobacco and it works great.  The OHM brand has natural tobacco. They have injectors and tubes too.

Links to information that are in the video:












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