Concert Air Environment by Valerie Cheers Brown

After researching the 1984 Pepsi commercial accident of Michael Jackson, I began to wonder about pyrotechnics, and could that have been a sign for we as people to pay attention to the hazardous materials which may have been added to cause that accident.

I have been doing a bit of reading up on pyrotechnics in the Entertainment industry and began to just read up on all of the entertainers who have died of cancer and just wonder if just might pyrotechnics be inhaled long enough could cause lung problems or even cancer?

While reading and researching “The woman who knew too much : Alice Stewart and the secrets of radiation,” written by Professor Gayle Greene, led Alice Stewart in the 1950’s to begin research that led her discovery that fetal x-rays double a child’s risk of developing cancer.

You may ask what does this have to do with pyrotechnics?

Well, this biography illuminates the life and achievements of this remarkable woman scientist who revolutionized the concept of radiation risk and led me to begin to research about whether or not pyrotechnics are made up of carcinogenic products which if exposed long enough could not cause cancer too.

Again, I have noticed how many entertainers are dying young from cancer and many are dying from lung cancer and led me to do a bit of investigating myself if we are not maybe exposing our own selves to carcinogenic causing products when going to concerts.

According to the New York Times Alice Stewart, 95; Linked X-Rays to Diseases by Carmel McCoubrey published July 4,  2002.  McCoubrey states, “Dr. Stewart earned a medical degree at Cambridge, Dr. Stewart joined Oxford in 1941 and studied workers who filled shells with TNT at ammunition plants. Her conclusions that exposure to TNT impaired the body’s ability to form blood led Britain to change its manufacturing techniques.”

Okay, you may still say where are you going with this?

Do you know what pyrotechnics makeup really are?

Well, after researching and seeing with my own eyes I could not believe that pyrotechnic are filled with chemicals or are they like explosives and could they be considered as bombs filled with TNT  or like would go into a firework?

Take a look at what pyrotechnics contain and I could not believe that over a period of time could this not cause chronic respiratory failure, cancer or even lung issues?

According to “Pyrotechnics in Entertainment” it states “naturally they are not too good to breathe in for long periods of time, but it would take a lot of pyrotechnics to do serious damage, such as festivals or concerts.”

Again, if you breathe anything which is bad for long enough, wouldn’t it eventually hurt you?

What do you think and this really got me to wondering and it just saddens me seeing so many people dying from cancer so young and just wonder if this could be part of a cancer problem?

You would be surprised to see the contents of pyrotechnics and it makes me not want to attend a concert unless it is outside and then wouldn’t it hurt the environment.

My theory is our environment is the culprit of many diseases and deaths and not just today but from many years ago like what Dr. Alice Stewart researched back in the 1950’s.

Please, comment and would be interested to hear what you think?






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