They Don’t Want Us To Know by Valerie Cheers Brown

According to Dr. Otto Warburg “The Man Who Discovered Cancer,” wrote a book on curing Cancer!

Now, if somebody did research and actually shows us how we can cure cancer, what in the world is wrong with this world and why aren’t we utilizing what Dr. Warburg has found to be true?

I know what alkaline water will do and not only will it cure disease, but it got me off of prescribed medications too!

Yes, I know God has a huge portion in our lives when it comes to healing and we must first have faith that He heals, but we must also use common sense and we must watch what we put into our bodies and what we are doing to our bodies if unbelievable.

There are way too many people both young and old being diagnosed with diseases such as high blood pressure and I remember when I was a pharmacist tech and statin drugs are not the path to lowering blood pressure.

Statin drugs clog your arteries up and then we have a high heart disease nation. It is a no win situation in this country.  You take one drug, then you must take another drug to cure what that drug does to your body.

Wake up people and use common sense and see how dangerous prescribed medications are not meant to be on long term.  We must heal thyself and change the way we eat, the way we exercise, walking is essential for the heart.

You can take all of the medications in the world and end up dead is where you are going honestly?

All I am saying is that don’t be afraid to try God and He heals but we must have faith and BELIEVE and trust in His healing, not man and his prescribed Western medicine!

Research, find out for yourself and you only have one body and it is up to you to heal thyself and let’s please stop relying upon man’s deadly prescribed medication.

Food heals the body, not prescribed medication and from experience, after you take so much medication. something is going to happen to your body and it is not good!

All of our body’s are different and what works for my body, may not work for your body and you must try new things and your body will alert you immediately when it does not like what you put into it.

I pray for country to believe in God’s healing foods and may you all live long and prosperous healthy lives. Amen







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