When God Makes You Wait by Valerie Cheers Brown

“Wait for your soulmate, because they are waiting for you.” – Valerie Cheers Brown

Have you ever had another man or woman ask you, “Girl, why don’t you have a man?”

Well, the answer would have to be, “I have tried twice, and tried it my own way, but this time I choose to wait on God and when you wait on God, it is not easy nor does it happen overnight!”

Right now, I choose to love God and stay closer to Him and have prayed and asked of Him and He knows my heart and He knows what is best for me, so I choose to be patient no matter how long it takes and wait on God.

I came across some good information in Lesson 48: Knowing God’s Guidance—Especially in Choosing A Mate (Genesis 24:1-67) Bible.org.  which asked:  In what capacity would I be able to know God’s direction, particularly in the significant choice of whom I ought to wed?

In the beginning 24 is the longest section in Genesis, yet since it is a unit, it’s hard to separate it into a few messages. We could treat the entire from a few edges. We could find out about serving the Lord from the fine case of Abraham’s worker. We could find out about confidence and administration from Rebekah. We could contemplate the section as an outline of God the Father (Abraham) sending the Holy Spirit (the worker) to look for a lady of the hour (Rebekah = the congregation) for His Son (Isaac) who had quite recently been through death and revival (part 22).

Be that as it may, I’m going to approach the content by gathering a few standards of celestial direction. Since it manages God’s direction as it relates to finding a mate, I’m going to apply it that way. In case you’re now hitched, kindly don’t conclude that you committed an error in observing God’s will in your marriage and choose to attempt once more! You can apply the standards to different regions of direction.

Moses composed Genesis to a people who were ready to overcome the place that is known for Canaan which God had guaranteed to Abraham and his relatives. They were an insubordinate bundle who were not slanted to bear the hardship important to satisfy God’s motivation. They put solace for themselves in front of acquiescence to God’s will. The purpose of this story in its setting is to show Israel the significance of keeping up their immaculateness as God’s kin when they entered Canaan. They should not overlook God’s motivation to give them that area and they should not intermarry with the degenerate individuals there. On the off chance that they would obey God and submit themselves to His motivation, He would reliably manage them and accommodate them, pretty much as He fortunately drove Abraham’s worker to Rebekah as a spouse for Isaac.

In case you’re single, it’s pivotal to look for God’s direction and to obey Him in picking a mate, in light of the fact that aside from trusting Christ as Savior, whom you wed is the most critical choice you’ll make in life. The general guideline of our content is that:

“God will guide us when we walk with Him and are committed to His purpose.”

 It may not work out entirely like that for you. In any case, if you’ll “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” and “in all your ways acknowledge Him,” then “He will direct your paths” for His glory and for your good. Walk daily with Him; be committed and focused to His purpose. He will direct you in all your ways.

Under that general subject, there  stated five standards on the best way to know God’s direction. These are not extensive and they are not an equation to connect to your PC. Be that as it may, I think they will offer assistance.

1. To know God’s direction we should be unswerving in our dedication to God and His motivation.

Both Abraham and his hireling had an unswerving duty to the Lord and His motivation concerning the place where there is Canaan. Abraham calls his anonymous worker and commissions him to discover a spouse for Isaac, yet not from among the Canaanites. The worker asks a viable inquiry: “Assume the lady won’t tail me to this area; if I take your child back to the area from where you came?” (24:5). Abraham emphatically cautions him against doing that and rehashes God’s call and guarantee to give him the place where there is Canaan. So the worker vows to do what Abraham has said (24:6-9).

To know God’s direction we should set aside our own will and look for the will of the God who has called us. That is the fundamental standard in deciding the will of God in any circumstance – to purge yourself, as much as you are capable, of your own will and to confer yourself to looking for and complying with God’s will. As you look for first God’s kingdom and exemplary nature, He will uncover the particular strides you have to take as you have to know them. Be that as it may, in the event that you claim to need to know God’s will, however you’re not willing to do it unless it concurs with your will, you’re joking yourself. All you truly need is God’s endorsement of your arrangements. However, you’ll never know God’s course that way. God uncovers His will to the individuals who are focused on doing it.

Frequently it is more hard to go this course than it is to work on the premise of human shrewdness. For Abraham’s hireling, it implied a 500-mile venture crosswise over troublesome landscape. It included a great deal of arranging, cost, and bother. “Why be so over the top about this, Abraham? Most likely there are some pleasant young ladies some place in Canaan!” But Abraham saw that it was essential for his child to wed a lady who might share his dedication to the Lord and His motivation concerning the area.

Looking for first God’s kingdom is the essential element in finding the right marriage accomplice. In case you’re focused on doing what God needs, He will give you an accomplice who needs to do His will as you tend to Him. That solidarity of reason constructs solidarity in marriage, as you two cooperate in serving the Lord.

Yet, be cautioned! Pretty much as it was all the more a bother for Abraham to secure a spouse for Isaac from his own kin instead of from the Canaanites, so it will be more troublesome for you to discover a mate who is focused on God’s motivation. Let’s be honest, there are a ton of pleasant, gorgeous single agnostics out there. Also, there are a considerable measure of pleasant, gorgeous church-goers who are living for themselves, not for Christ. In any case, it can be quite thin pickin’s to locate a decent, attractive (there’s nothing amiss with great looks- – Rebekah is portrayed as “extremely lovely” [v. 16]), virtuous single individual. What’s more, as you watch other Christian singles wedding the individuals who aren’t so dedicated to the Lord, it’s anything but difficult to start considering, “Possibly I’m by and large excessively inflexible. Perhaps there are some decent Canaanite young ladies (or folks) around.” But in the event that you need God’s direction for a marriage accomplice, you should be unswerving in your dedication to God and His motivation.

2. To know God’s direction we should move out in submission joined by sound judgment.

Abraham’s hireling didn’t sit in his tent appealing to God for a spouse for Isaac. He implored a considerable measure, however when Abraham instructed him to go to Haran and discover a spouse for Isaac, he emerged and went (24:10). He moved out in compliance and he utilized judgment skills by taking the blessings expected to secure a lady of the hour in that society.

Now and again we get super-profound about this matter of deciding God’s will, particularly as it relates to finding a mate. In school I heard speakers say that we ought to simply trust God for a spouse. I had a feeling that on the off chance that I went to a Christian social occasion to search for a Christian young lady to date, I was truly lewd! I purchased that for some time. In any case, I recall that one time after I hadn’t had a date for around two years, I was on my knees begging God for a spouse when I understood that He wasn’t going to bring her coasting through the window like the old Hertz lease an auto promotions. The Lord was stating to me, “In any event go where there are a few prospects!”

That is what Abraham’s worker did. He didn’t begin hanging out at the neighborhood bars or discos in Canaan. He went where he could locate a genuine young lady from Abraham’s relatives, as Abraham had instructed him to do. So obey God and utilize the judgment skills He gave you. You won’t locate a genuine mate in bars. Try not to go there! You may locate a virtuous mate at chapel. Go there! That is not super-profound. In any case, I believe it’s scriptural!

3. To know God’s direction we should look for and expect it, while submitting to His sovereign ways.

Abraham told his worker that he could anticipate that God’s holy messenger will go before him and lead him to the right young lady for Isaac (24:7). So the hireling went in dutifulness, called to God for direction, and God offered it to him (24:11-14).

So regularly we don’t experience God’s direction since we get so found up doing our own particular thing that we neglect to stop and request that God uncover His will to us. On the other hand we get into our set up schedule, and it takes a fiasco for God to stand out enough to be noticed so He can tell us what He needs us to do. So in the event that you need God’s direction, stop and approach Him for it, anticipate that Him will give it, and hold up sufficiently long to listen to what He may need to say. “For all who are being driven by the Spirit of God, these are children of God” (Rom. 8:14).

In any case, imagine a scenario where God doesn’t say anything. Perhaps you’re sitting tight for the wrong sort of correspondence. Note here that there was no voice from paradise, no marvel, no obvious heavenly attendant, no presentation of God’s radiance, no sign in the sky. Truth be told, there was no assurance of progress. Both Abraham and the worker perceived that they won’t not succeed (24:5, 8, 49, 58). So how could he have been able to he know what God’s will was in this circumstance?

The answer is that when you look for and expect God’s direction, and stay resigned to God’s sovereign ways, He fortunately coordinates circumstances so as to affirm His will. Prior to the hireling was done imploring, God brought Rebekah along and the circumstances fit together in such an unmistakable route, to the point that the worker knew God had driven him.

You should know that God’s opportune requesting of circumstances does not generally work out in storybook design with a glad closure. Now and then He fortunately drives you into a relationship where you get your heart broken. I experienced two noteworthy and one minor awfulness sentiments before the Lord drove me to Marla. While such encounters are not fun, the Lord has vital lessons to show you on the off chance that you submit to His sovereign ways. Yet, in the event that you think, “I trusted God and got smoldered, so I’m going to take matters in my own hands,” you’re not going to know His direction. You’ll just bring more torment and teach into your life.

On account of Abraham’s hireling, God confirmed His will through the circumstances. In any case, in any case it works out, to experience God’s direction, we should look for and expect it, while submitting to His sovereign ways.

4. To know God’s direction we should apply God’s knowledge.

Some feel that Abraham’s hireling was putting out a wool when he laid out the terms of how he would know which young lady was a good fit for Isaac (24:14). Be that as it may, there’s a major distinction between what he did and what Gideon did in putting out his downy. God had plainly told Gideon what His will was; the wool was Gideon’s method for taking into account his frail confidence. God charitably assented to it, yet it’s not a model for deciding God’s will.

Be that as it may, here, the worker wasn’t directing to God what to do or questioning what God had effectively clarified. Or maybe, he was attempting to give a premise whereupon he could realize that his petition had been replied. The test he proposed demonstrates that he was applying God’s insight to this circumstance.

It would have been standard for any young lady to have given an outsider a beverage. In any case, to draw water for ten parched camels, each of which could drink around 20 gallons, and to do as such without being asked, required a lady who was not conceited, but rather who had a worker’s heart. Since egotism is the foundation of most marriage clashes, the worker was heading off to the very heart of what Isaac required in a lady of the hour to have a cheerful home life. He connected God’s astuteness in looking for God’s will.

Take note of how Rebekah’s ordinary mindfulness and eagerness to serve paid off for her. She didn’t know who this outsider was. She wasn’t putting on her best “date” conduct to inspire him. She was essentially living as she generally did, thinking about the necessities of others and offering herself to address those issues. God utilized that to make her the spouse of Isaac, the mother of Israel (Jacob).


For beautiful reasons without God, I don’t quite know how I would make it waiting for the man He has brought back into my life from a mighty long way back, but a good man. God is patience and when you stay close and let Him direct your path, you have patience too ironically enough.

There will be great struggles, but without struggles where we would be or where we would go or even how would we get better in having faith and waiting on Him?

Just hold onto God’s hand and never let go and walk by faith and not by flesh and He will give you patience, guidance, wisdom and great perseverance to hold onto His blessing..

When letting God lead you to that special mate, you also learn not to even want anybody else.

You just know when God is part of your journey and it just feels so right and it seems that the longer you hold on you will know that He has somebody especially for you that you will spend the rest of your days with. So hold on and wait on God..

So hold on and wait on God..

“What God has for you, is for you!”



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