Drinking Ourselves To Death

Enough fluoride in one tooth paste tube
to kill a small child
though we’re told that it “promotes healthy teeth
and gums” and is mild.
That’s why protesting doctors and dentists and scientists were put on blacklists.
Fluoride in reality it is only a by-product
of the production of aluminum and atomic warfare.
While men that could be bought in the field of science conduct
produced tests of their sold imaginations,
to whom Uncle Sam pays his buck
to keep their mouths shut
and to poison the useless eaters
who are out of luck…
Distant memories of elementary school days,
small white cups, filled with bubble-gum taste.
Gargle and spit don’t swallow- it’s the next dental craze.
The fluoridation of our water
puts “the people” in a haze.
First introduced to Jews in the Holocaust
and when you have realized that you will know
it is our humanity in government we have lost.
Why is it we Americans trust blindly in our leaders?
When everything hits the fan
who will be under big brother’s finger?
Will you let your mind be open
and let the truth-seekers opinion linger
long enough to do homework of our own?
Only God can help you with this.
Or will you choose to join the thoughtless majority?
Join the countless millions who never question what they see.
By going along to get along, we have allowed a great tragedy!

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