Old Life New Life by Valerie Cheers Brown

Take each day as it arrives, see the opportunities as they are presented, and find comfort in the vulnerability of changing.

2016 is just about to leave us and what a blessed year It has been!

We’ve all heard the idiom “Out with the old, in with the new.” It’s very easy to comprehend and simpler to state, however like most guidance we provide for each other, this is an extremely troublesome thing to really DO. As I consider my life now there are such a large number of new places where I am applying this expression and in the same class as that is, a portion of the progressions I’m confronting are HUGE and certainly overpowering.

Well, I’ve positively been one of these individuals and change is troublesome and normally uncomfortable. I’m likewise very determined and nostalgic so unless I’m compelled to roll out an improvement, I have a tendency to stay right where I am. Be that as it may, as of late I understood how unfavorable this manner of thinking is to my future and my determination this year is to grasp the new and toss out the old. I’m somewhat alarmed and additionally so energized!

To make something new,
You got to revoke the old out,
With the objective for things to accrue,
There are seeds for you to sow.
You can’t go from nothing
To something to grow
In the blink of the eye.
You won’t get from here
To there in case you don’t try .
So let the…. old out
Plant something…. in new.

You never will know what you can see to be true.

Out old In new

I see a change of address coming and what do you see coming in 2017?










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